Rhianna Pratchett not asked to work on Mirror’s Edge 2, which makes her “a little sad”

Rhianna Pratchett is not involved with Mirror’s Edge 2 despite having penned the story of its predecessor. Not being asked or consulted makes her “a little sad”, as the sequel seems to be disregarding her work.

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coolasj4002d ago

I think DICE's vision is better than hers. Faith is... Stoic, to say the least.

Wenis4002d ago

Yea but keep in mind EA has a lot of say in what goes into the game. I dont know, I'm a bit nervous about it to be honest. It took EA so long to finally make a sequel, I think it may stray too far from the original, which was amazing but didn't sell very well according to EA. I hope not though.

coolasj4002d ago

If I recall, EA likes to leave DICE alone for the most part. This is all DICE.

Baka-akaB4002d ago

Still EA made dice includes guns , against their wishes and better judgment

Jaces4002d ago

Anyone know if ME2 is multiplat?

NarooN4002d ago

So far it's announced for PS4, X1, and PC.

4002d ago
jwk944002d ago

Do people not realize that this is a complete reboot? It's like this year's Tomb Raider.

Pandamobile4002d ago

What makes it a reboot? To me it looks like a prequel.

jwk944002d ago

The PR states it's a reboot.

porkChop4002d ago

Yeah according to the PR this prequel is actually an entire reboot.

tigertron4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

I think people are reading too much into the word "reboot". If this were a reboot then things would look different i.e. Faith.

"Then there’s the fact that the Mirror’s Edge 2 reveal trailer showed Faith disarming and taking down plenty of guards, which likely means she can still pick up a gun and shoot them in the face. Many felt this feature was unnecessary in Mirror’s Edge and needlessly detracted from the game’s free running focus. Pratchett claims this is a bit out of character, as Faith isn’t a big fan of guns."

Thing is though, you could do all this in the first game, so it's nothing new and definitely doesn't appear to be taking the game in a new direction (based on the trailer alone).

Shame about Pratchett not being asked to work on it though.

Baka-akaB4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

But it is , they are keeping most stuff , but the original story .

If it was just a prequel the splot would tie into ME1 . Obviously it will reimagine the plot in a way that couldnt fit .

A shame for pratchett , but quite frankly , outside of our utmost geeky circle , it didnt leave an imprint and pleased the general public ... so it had to go away for the franchise to get a fighting chance

febreeze14002d ago

It's a sequel to a prequel wrapped up in a reboot. lol. EA said it's a prequel but a reboot so I don't understand. We'll see.

Shad0wRunner4002d ago

Cheer up Rhianna, Konami axed David Hayter from MGS5 too. And he was a bigger ICON than you will ever be in the gaming industry. LOL

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Rhianna Pratchett on Challenges of Game Writing and Crafting Complex Female Characters

During the Game Developers Session (GDS) conference in Prague, we had the privilege of speaking with Rhianna Pratchett, an award-winning writer and narrative designer. Pratchett, who has penned some of the most memorable female protagonists like Nariko from Heavenly Sword, Faith from Mirror’s Edge, and Lara Croft from the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot, delves into the challenges and freedoms of writing for different media, AAA and indie games.

-Foxtrot85d ago

Complex? She literally made Lara Croft whine and have father issues for an entire trilogy


Snookies1284d ago

"have father issues"

To be fair, that IS a complex... Just not the right kind, lol!

mixelon83d ago

The dad stuff wasn’t entirely her fault.. She was given outlines she had to flesh out and not full freedom. from the article…:

“ And there were things that we kind of butted heads more on, particularly with Rise [of the Tomb Raider] because I wasn't a fan of the dad plot. I didn't really like her motivation being her father because it felt like that's often the motivation given to female characters and it's also motivation that's very prominent in the previous movies as well. And I would have rather it been about her own experiences in the first game and how that had changed during the second game. But sometimes you just have to do your job, you just have to find peace with it. And I kind of played around with my relationship with my father and kind of put some aspects of that and then that just made me feel better about it. And sometimes this is what you have to do.”

She never seemed that whiny to me given the circumstances.

-Foxtrot83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

If you’re a good writer you’d have been able to do that a little better but she didn’t

She was restricted sure but with what she had with an outline she didn’t do a good job

She’s not her father, she got work and into the industry a lot easier because her father was a great writer.

It’s nepotism basically