FPS Boost at 120fps: Battlefield 1/4/5 - Titanfall 1/2 - Mirror's Edge Catalyst Tested

Digital Foundry: Microsoft's FPS Boost support expands again, this time with 120Hz upgrades for 12 games and a 60fps boost for one! We decided to check out the improvement to some of our favourite games in the line-up, including the three Battlefield games that are supported, Titanfall and Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Which consoles support which games, what's the performance really like and are there resolution compromises?

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darthv7254d ago

FPS boost is a nice feature. Cant wait for more games to get that.

Eonjay54d ago

While FPS boost is nice, I feel like it is the bare minimum in upgrades and only helps those with 120 capable TVs. Most of these games are PC titles as well. These games should be patched to run high/ultra PC video setting.

ActualWhiteMan54d ago

Microsoft is killing it. Meanwhile Sony only lets developers upgrade older games if they make a PS5 version. Which means, less games getting upgrades on Sony’s offering.

jukins54d ago

Alternatively seems to be a focus on releasing newer games? People barely played the games before 120 fpsnisnt gong to change that. Not to mention the people with the capable tv.

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nickanasty20653d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Soon this will not be the case though, and all of these other added perks like 120fps on older games will just be other great additions and features that PS users do not have available to them. I think any additional updates to features for games is something that shouldn't be discredited. Once Microsoft starts rolling out the new games on a regular basis, this argument is not going to age well. For now, you are correct on the new game front, but that is all going to change here soon enough. Sure most argue the "Wait until E3" remark over and over, but that will certainly be a thing of the past with everything Microsoft is working on now. Good things come to those who wait is the way I look at it for now.

Christopher53d ago

***Once Microsoft starts rolling out the new games on a regular basis, this argument is not going to age well.***

This argument hasn't aged well for a long time now.

foker54d ago

They are really killing it,.. They haven't released a new first party game in 600 days if not more

SpineSaw53d ago

Now wait that's not true. 600 days is looong time and they did release a few First Party games that no one played or no one can remember by name but you do make a good point and it don't really matter if its been 6 days or 6yrs for Xbox First Party what they've released has been poor at best.

Army_of_Darkness54d ago (Edited 54d ago )


Killing it? Ms? Lmfao! Boosting fps on old last gen games on a new gen console while not releasing a single first party next gen game is killing it to you?! 🤣😂
Meanwhile.... Sony what? Oh has been focusing on releasing actual new first party games. Funny, you forgot to mention that part bud.

Christopher53d ago

***Meanwhile Sony only lets developers upgrade older games if they make a PS5 version.***

Well, this is just factually incorrect. The Division 2 got an upgrade for PS5 but is running the PS4 version. Other games have had similar.

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MetroidFREAK2154d ago

Man, that makes me want to reinstall the OG Titanfall... seeing people still playing it. Memories

Destiny108054d ago

battlefield 4, 720p 120fps, campaign locked, multiplayer drops down to 98fps
battlefield 1, 792p 120fps, campaign locked, multiplayer locked
battlefield 5, 1080p 120fps, campaign locked, multiplayer locked
mirror's edge catalyst, 936p 120fps, campaign locked
titanfall 2, 810p 120fps, campaign locked, multiplayer locked, series s not so good
titanfall 1, 792p 120fps, campaign locked, multiplayer locked, no s support for this game

its better then nothing, if they were upped to 4k i would have been impressed, titanfall 1 looks so much better on Pc

darthv7254d ago

It is called "fps boost"... not "res boost"

Destiny108054d ago (Edited 54d ago )

titanfall 2, is 4k on the xbox one x, why not "fps boost"
Battlefield 1, is 4k on the xbox one x, why not "fps boost"

DJStotty54d ago

"titanfall 2, is 4k on the xbox one x, why not "fps boost""

Erm, no

"In general, the One X plays out between 1440p and 1800p with rises to 4k (2160p) in quiet scenes with little activity."

On topic, this is a FPS boost, not a resolution patch so you did not need to add the resolutions for base vanilla xbox. BC normally uses the xbox one version, as opposed to the xbox one X "patched" version to answer your question about resolution.

Either way, all games will use the built in upscaler on either your TV, or the xbox series X to display an upscaled 4K image (not native).

That along with Auto-HDR should result in a good enough reason to replay these games at the new improved framerate.

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