E3 2013 Conferences. Microsoft vs Sony

AlienLion writes:

"We’ve all waited for exactly a year and survived through a freaking apocalypse to get here, the end of June 10th, 2013. Arguably, the part of E3 we all give a crap about the most (let’s be honest) is over and there it’s time to try and make sense of it all. Well, not it all. Let’s concentrate on the two guys for whom today was of particular significance, the guys who will be launching their next generation hardware this very year. You know the guys…"

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Count3828d ago

As much as it pains me to say this. And as much as I hate each and every one of you Sony fanboys.

Sony won this.

Enemy3828d ago

Join us. We promise we'll let you keep your soul.

No DRM at all, no mandatory online, self-publishing for indie developers, $399, upgradable hard drive, a ridiculously huge library of indie games already, 8GB GDDR5 RAM


Timed exclusives, DRM, 24 hour check-in, $500


JokesOnYou3828d ago

Games= advantage X1
Restrictions= advantage ps4
Price= advantage ps4

Drekken3828d ago

JOY - You can't be serious... do you really think the PS4 doesn't have games coming from 1st party studios that hasn't even been shown yet? MS can only rely on 3rd party studios for exclusives.

The rumor going around is FFXV is exclusive and Sony has been helping with development. If true, I really don't think even you can take yourself serious.

BallsEye3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )


Price advantage only because you have less things in it.

xbox one - 499$ - included kinect and xbox live gold for 1 year (dunno how much kinect can cost alone but 1y xbox live is 50$)

ps4 - 399$ - only console included. If you'd add ps eye and subscription to it would be way over 500$


MS can rely only on third party for exclusives?? Do you even know what you're talking about?? 15 exclusives this year ONLY FROM MS STUDIOS + whatever third party will bring.

Commodore3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Drekken, I think he only means in terms of the press conference....I've been a PS fan since PS1 and I'll admit Xbox showed some more games. Titan Fall looks good.

But they've already got 40 in-house games being developed for the PS4? The games will follow. Not too mention we already have Infamous, Killzone, and a few other games at launch. Can't beat it.

Surprised SONY never mentioned Agent or the Last Guardian. Perhaps at Gamescom. Perhaps they get showed at Gamescom or TGS...whcih is my strong belief that they will.

.....And I know it's multi plat....but Destony looked hell a fun.

Drekken3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Commodore - See that is all a matter of opinion. To me the best games shown were at the Sony conference.

It is a shame about titanfall, but I have a PC. I will play it there. Ryse is a qte fest.

I think Sony knocked it out the park: FFXV, KH3, Infamous, and killzone all look fun. The Order even looked great... werewolves! Destiny did look like fun. I am a sucker for leveling up with friends.

I wish Agent and others were mentioned last night, but they did what they had to do to secure a clear E3 victory. The games are coming. I can't wait to see what GG (besides killzone), Santa Monica, and ND have up their sleeves. They are the reason I buy the Playstation.

djsandman3828d ago

Uhm drekken please elaborate because Sony showed a lot of multi platform. A lot of CGI and ffxv and kingdom hearts are coming to Xbox?

Drekken3828d ago

djsandman - If you played a PS3 this gen you know the exclusives are coming and they are going to blow people away.

Enemy3828d ago

JokesOnYou: What games? Timed exclusives? Give us a list of all the games Microsoft announced that actually belong to them.

The Order, The Dark Sorcerer, Killzone: SF, Knack, Drive Club, and inFamous: SS are all owned by Sony. Once these games sink in with the public, the next round of exclusives will be announced, and so on.

Sony did exactly what they had to do yesterday. Hope you're ready for another massacre at GamesCom.

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BallsEye3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

I however think MS nailed it. Just forget about DRM (which I don't really care about, I always buy new games and always play online) the games they showed were awesome! Plenty of exclusives, tons of gameplay, no tv movie and music talk crap! Sony however spent most of time talkin about media, there was Destiny which is awesome but it IS MULTIPLATFORM and comes to xbox one, so do other games they showed at their press conference. Total lack of exclusives which now made me thinking why the same people that were laughing at MS for lack of games on e3, praise sony once more eventho they showed NOTHING. What's going on, seriouslY?

nugnugs3828d ago

Oh okay. Listen everyone, he said just forget about DRM, so.....

cleft53828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Sony destroyed Microsoft. This move on their part is going to force Microsoft to back peddle on these horrific decisions of theirs and treat their consumers like customers as oppose to thieves. For the first time, I am genuinely excited for the next-generation of games.

pompombrum3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Microsoft destroyed themselves. Sony had an easy decision to make and that decision alone won them E3.

@below - After the backlash and the twitter campaigns, I really do think it was a fairly easy decision to make. You also have to think of the other implications like retail support. If the PS4 makes the trading of used games easier, retailers like Gamestop and GAME will be wanting to push the console further.. same with rental services too. EA might be bitter about it but they're not going to suddenly stop supporting the ps brand because they're all about the $$$ and they'd be losing a lot more money if they went Xbox exclusive.

cleft53828d ago

No way that decision was easy to make. Did you notice that there where no EA games shown at their press conference? Who do you think wanted to control used games more than anyone? All of a sudden EA has no online game pass and then there is a bunch of talk of DRM on used games.

If anything they where discussing this for a while now and decided to go for blood. Sony could have just as easily done what Microsoft did and had a $399 price tag and still won E3. This was the move of legends on Sony part and I am not going to under play it by thinking it was easy to do.

Redempteur3828d ago


There was PS4 games at the EA conf.

FIFA,NBA LIVE, NFS will be on PS4.

And besides it was Microsoft that gave a check to EA....Just like Sony gave a check to EA 3 years ago.

nix3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

and before the conference started one of the MS executives said "let's kill sony."

hahaha.. look where that went.

i remember watching the video of Steve Ballmer when Google was moving in mobile sector, Ballmer said, "welcome to our world."

look where that went. MS really really needs to wake up and smell the coffee because their arrogance is really going to bring them down.

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EdoubleD3828d ago

Microsoft may have shown more games. But there will never be a justification for all those restrictions.

Sony wins by a clear mile.