Gamers Asked, Microsoft Listened

GGN contributor Mike Hewitt gives his first impression opinion on Microsoft's E3 Press Conference

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steve30x1957d ago

Unless they removed the 24 hour / 1 hour DRM and used game scheme then they didnt listen

mario191957d ago

Lol Bull****

Did consumers want Kinect? NO
Did consumers want DRM? NO
Did consumers want always online? NO
Did consumers want a ridiculous price tag? NO

MS did not listen

Gildarts1957d ago

You mad brah?

Sony will probably have DRM too.

xHeavYx1957d ago

Huh? Gamers asked about fees, always online... Microsoft listened, but didn't answer

Anon19741957d ago

More like "Gamers asked, Microsoft Ignored!"

But really, this is E3. Microsoft wasn't going to address anything during the presentation. This is all about building hype. What'll be interesting is what comes out of the media one on one interviews with Microsoft execs after a day or so. So far, what we found out about game drm, always on, was as bad as we had feared. Now we've got restrictive DRM, Xbox Live still required for online play, privacy concerns, internet required at a $499 price tag.

If Microsoft was listening we wouldn't be where we are right now.

NatureOfLogic1957d ago

This person is so happy that MS showed games at E3....... that's not impressive that's sad. Gamers are more concerned with their policies than their games. Don't try to ignore all of the negatives about Xbox one just because MS is trying to sweep it under the rug.

jc485731957d ago

I like to know what they asked with proof please.

Kingthrash3601957d ago

such a lie.
clearly made by a ms employee.

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