Dead Rising 3 Fact Sheet Issued

Capcom’s Dead Rising 3 was showcased as one of the Xbox One console’s highlights at Microsoft Studios’ media briefing this evening, set to launch as an exclusive title for the console this winter. Following this reveal Capcom have issued an official fact sheet detailing more of the videogame.

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seanpitt231955d ago

That has upset me being an Xbox exclusive.

MizTv1955d ago

Remember all there so called "Exclusives" are only "Exclusive" for so long

4Sh0w1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

MizTv we can all speculate but the dev on stage said it was exclusive, plus it sounds like it has some specific Kinect 2 intergration. jeesh you guys just can't give credit where credit is due, Microsoft secured games for their platform, had a great E3. End of story.

1955d ago
falviousuk1955d ago

Micrsoft is the publisher on this one, so it wont be going anywhere else they dont want it to go.

If you want to play this, then you will need to get an xbox one.

And on the strength of this game I wont be cancelling my pre-order, loved the first one, loving state of decay, and this just looks amazing. Will be getting this along side the console at launch.

Reibooi1955d ago

I would imagine this is a game that will only stay exclusive for so long.

But that said I don't know if I care about it. I wanted a 3rd game in the series and was excited about the little bit that was shown but was kinda annoyed that the tone of the game is so different.

I liked the first games because they had a over the top sense of humor and was so unique. This doesn't have that. It looks and plays like Dead Rising but it doesn't have the humor and from one of the interviews they did the guy from Capcom said that is how the whole game would be. That is disappointing to me. I mean we have been getting tons of zombie games as of late and instead of staying with what made the series stand out it just made itself more like everything else.

daedra1955d ago

nope miz tv its exclusive forever

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Conan-O-Brady1955d ago

@ Everyone thinking this is a true exclusive.....

It will more than likely be coming to the PS4. Just because it's being published by MS don't mean jack. Remember when Ninja Gaiden 2 was exclusive to 360, well that was published by MS and did it stay exclusive? Kinda, in name

And we all know cashcom loves the dollars... I think it's only a matter of time.

jc485731955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

the problem is whether or not Capcom is willing to port it to the PS4. Then again, it would be stupid of them not to. The DR fan base in Sony platforms isn't small, so I really don't see why Capcom wouldn't want to make more money. I hope people are patient enough to wait, though.

Gravitic1954d ago

What like Dead Rising one came to the PS3??? Lol, no.

Gravitic1954d ago

Microsoft are publishing it. Exclusive forever. Incoming butthurt...

PeteDoherty1955d ago

Disappointed with this being an Xbox Exclusive.

kane_13711955d ago

It is impossible, Capcom would lose so much money on that, DR is one their biggest ips not only on Xbox but do not forget PC and PS3.
They would never jump ship for that moneym they would be fools to do so.

jc485731955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

keep in mind that fan base on the ps3 is just as big as the 360's, so you can clearly see this as Microsoft's way to tempt gamers of the competitor side to switch side or to prevent loosing existing customers.

Dread1955d ago

Deadrising 1
Was exclusive

kane_13711954d ago

@jc48573 that is completely true and if it was a company like Sega or Namco I wouldn't say it is not exclusive since they would do that but we are talking about the CapCom they are one of those companies that live for the money and money alone, they milk, they reboot they do whatever they can to get more money and clearly with making DR3 exclusive only to X1 they are not going to make enough money specially with the PS4's price they would be dumb to jump that ship and I told you already that to leave PC behind is even dumber!

So was Mass Effect 1 and Ballad of Gay Tony etc

Gravitic1954d ago

PC hardly makes any money. Microsoft are PAYING to make up for the lose of PS4 sales, this is what exclusivity deals are all about.

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AngelicIceDiamond1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Cry babies all of you whah whah, whah.

Get over it just don't buy the damn console, too bad its exclusive the only way to play it is buying the console.

Edit: @Goldfinger no your right. They are just jealous and mad people are greener then MS press event here.

HugoDrax1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Well I know this will be my launch title purchase, along with RYSE. Also, wasn't DR1 an X360 exclusive? I know DR2 was multi platform, and I believe Case Zero was an Xbox Live exclusive. No surprise that this would be a XBOX1 exclusive in my opinion.

So there is a 4 next to Disagree because I mentioned what games I will purchase? For my enjoyment? I don't get the gamers on this site. I guess I ruffled some fanboys feathers a bit, not cool gamers.

drsfinest721955d ago

I'm puzzled on the disagrees that your getting for stating facts...

HugoDrax1955d ago

Exactly! I just mentioned what I am purchasing, and a few gamers decided they would spite me for it lol. I only pre ordered the console at GameStop for myself and nephew, but I didn't pre order any games as of yet. I still have to pre order a PS4 tomorrow when that becomes available.

monkey6021955d ago

Capcom stated a long time ago the only reason Dead Rising one was exclusive was because of the 360 being around before the ps3

HugoDrax1955d ago

Oh okay, sounds plausible. Didn't realize that, but it still doesn't explain why Dead Rising 2: Case Zero & Case West are XBOX LIVE Arcade exclusive? In which both titles released in 2010, and DR1 was released in 2006.

Before I get attacked by trolls, I finished each game in the franchise, besides DR2:Off the Record and Chop Till You Drop lol. I rarely played my Wii console :-(

kane_13711955d ago

you get disagrees because you are naive and blind, Capcom can't abandone that ship called Pc neither the PS format, they know it and you know it.
We have seen this card before with GTA and other games.
The only difference is that when Sony does it they are honest enough to say it is TIMED exclusive but Microsoft is always to shy to talk about such things, I mean who cares? everybody will know about it sooner or later right?

bsquwhere1955d ago

The first one came out for the Wii later.

GodGinrai1955d ago

lol...because they dont want you to have dead rising. people seem really sensitive today. I almost dont want to say im looking forward to anything on XBone... but then I quickly remembered that i dont give a shit what they think ;)

opinska1954d ago

Wrong! Dead Rising 1 was on Wii too, so suck on it :) No Dead Rising game was a permanent Xbox exclusive... So suck on it again :)

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drsfinest721955d ago

Microsoft weren't joking when they said they were going to aggressively get exclusives

kane_13711955d ago

Your reply is what Enemy said below. i'm gonna quote it for you :D

"Lol exclusive until Capcom announces it for PS4 in a few months. 3rd party exclusives from Capcom/EA/Activision will never stay exclusive."

Gravitic1954d ago

Its published by Microsoft. Not Capcom. Exclusive forever like Dead Rising... I sense the incoming butthurt right now.

Enemy1955d ago

Lol exclusive until Capcom announces it for PS4 in a few months. 3rd party exclusives from Capcom/EA/Activision will never stay exclusive.

daedra1955d ago

nope buddy boy get used to it, its exclusive forever for xbox ONE

Enemy1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Nice argument. It's how contracts work, buddy boy. You really showed me that there's actually a possibility Capcom will not, once again as every other time before, announce it for PS4 the moment this paid deal is over.

Even when it does come to PS4 I'll skip it for the countless other games that reign superior over yet another zombie bashing effort. People just need to wake up about 3rd party "exclusives." That system doesn't work these days.

We all saw what happened when Microsoft published Mass Effect.

Kingdom Come1955d ago

Microsoft are the publishers. It's exclusive...

opinska1954d ago

Stfu it's not... Look at mass effect 1 bio shock 1 ? Microshit was the publisher too and guess what? The pc and ps3 port followed 6 months later. Same shit will happen with dead rising 3 it will be on ps4 and pc, mark my words .

Gravitic1954d ago

Bio and Mass Effect where never stated to be an Only Xbox exclusive. They where also PC etc.

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