Microsoft points being converted to real money

During Microsoft’s press briefing this morning Microsoft announced that all Microsoft points are being converted to real money.

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Aceman181954d ago

they just say the system cost 499 US

SilentNegotiator1954d ago

While it won't affect me, I will say this: It's about freaking time.

malokevi1954d ago

Great! I hate MS points. Nice to know they will be converted. Dont have to worry about spending my extras!

That conference was everything Ive ever dreamed of. Im so happy right now!!!! :D

BadboyCivic1954d ago

Real money, fake all the same when I pay

Software_Lover1954d ago

exactly. I dont understand what the problem was.

MidnytRain1954d ago

It seemed like they were hoping their customers wouldn't realize how much they were spending.

Nawert1954d ago

Best thing all day so far.

Y_51501954d ago

I've always never understood the point system.

T21954d ago

point systems are great for business because they can always put a small transaction fee in there and hide it, and they can make you buy certain amounts... Like you cant buy 43 points, you must buy 50 or 100 or 1000, so they get you on the small details, it is a bullsht system and goes right along with MS policies. I don't think they had a transaction fee but the points thing, yeah, who doesn't have left over odd numbers of points just sitting unused in their account?

Y_51501954d ago

I knew that it did not benefit consumers. But just having real currencies are better.

dcbronco1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )


Don't listen to people with an agenda. All of his examples are plan stupid. There are never leftover points like 2 or 3. I'm sure he knows better but he's fishing for gullible people to pimp. All products are divisible by 5. And the biggest advantage of having points was that like every other gaming product, they were often on sale. So you could get a discount on money. Look at the link below.


See Amazon, 45.99 for $50 worth of points. No shipping and no tax. You just got $4 free. It's often cheaper than that. That canadian guy is a Sony shill. He spends his day harping on MS. And is never even remotely honest about it.

T21954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

haha that's rich, i own a 360 and the points system is sht... sure you can go and search around for deals all day, but I want my money to be worth money...and my time is actually worth money. and no you can't buy just any number of points, the sales are on PACKAGES, a classic sales tactic. I don't go around doing anything.. I own a 360 and I don't like Microsoft policies and I'm not afraid to say it. it is you who is the microsoft troll, pointing out an example of how to get "free money"... riiiight and what is that "free money" good for? ONly microsoft products.

ExPresident1954d ago

Its about time. The points were stupid and just another way for Microsoft to milk the consumer.

wenaldy1954d ago

Yeah it's too ambiguous..

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The story is too old to be commented.