10 Most Wanted Newcomers for the New Super Smash Bros. Game

Mini Fortress lists their 10 most wanted newcomers for the new Super Smash Bros. game.

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Shinobi1001960d ago

Any list without Pac-Man is stupid. Pac-Man IS Namco. I'd like to see the other icons of gaming glory days gone by, Mega Man & Ryu, as well

kirbyu1960d ago

I totally agree. Now, which Ryu do you mean? Ninja Gaiden or Street Fighter?

robparko1960d ago

Just because Namco is helping with development doesn't mean Pac-Man is a lock for the game. Mega Man is on the list, and I didn't want to include too many third party characters, because honestly, this is a Nintendo game at heart.

kirbyu1960d ago

I agree with everyone but the last 3.