E3 2013 // Xbox One; Love it or Hate it?

Spawnd: A lot has been said about Microsoft’s Xbox One, but the question is, should you love it or hate it? Here is a list of my top 10 thoughts regarding this entry in the next generation.

1. Sports, sports, and (fantasy) sports.

If I cared about any sports at all then the Xbox One might tickle some sort of fancy there but the depressing reality is that I, like a lot of gamers, do not care about any sports or teams. Though on the other hand if Xbox and Microsoft are intelligent enough to get this thing to pull down some eSports data… then, well then I am 100% about this. When I can track Navi, Team Solo Mid, and Unyshek (Best FPS gamer NA).

I mean, it is going “to become the next water cooler” after all.

2. Tablets for interface controllers.

While most of you probably hate the idea of using a tablet, I am optimistic at the thought of being able to interact with my Xbox via a phone, tablet, or computer. Playing around with the current SmartGlass app on an iPad leads your mind to explore the possibilities of the evolution of this concept...

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