Trine 2 Review (NintendoFuse)

"Trine 2: Director’s Cut is the most visually appealing game on offer through the Wii U eShop yet – but is it just another pretty face, or does it complete the whole package?

The story begins with the narrator telling us of 3 heroes, Amadeus (wizard), Pontius (knight), and Zoya (thief, I mean, entrepreneur) who were once led by a mysterious artifact called the Trine on a quest, perhaps you’ve heard the tale?", writes NintendoFuse.

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akaihana86plus2053d ago

Beautiful game, plus the Wii U version really looks amazing

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ifritAlkhemyst2053d ago

I hope it finds a good home on the Wii U. I played it on PC and it was just as charming as the original and with twice the shiny.