This Is The PC That Will Be Running Battlefield 4 In This Year's E3

DSOGaming writes: "E3 will be starting in a couple of days, and DICE has already setup the PC systems that will be handling the MP mode of its highly anticipated title."

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john21960d ago

It's good to see them expanding their 'Gaming Evolved' program. Reminds me of Nvidia's 'The Way It Was Meant To Be Played' program that was used in the past

F4sterTh4nFTL1960d ago

AMD is the real winner of Next-Gen. They are powering the Xbox One, PS4, WiiU, my current PC and will power my future PC.

Parasyte1960d ago

Same thing for me, FTFTL.

I am making the switch to PC full-time this gen and AMD are my components of choice.

NameRemoved00171960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Amd has the hadware but their software support sucks, if your serious about games get an i5 and a gtx 770 and avoid amd, saving a few dollars is going to cost you a lot more with their terrible drivers.

The 770 is faster and cheaper than the 7970 anyway, intel cost the same as an fx 8350.

NameRemoved00171960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Disagrees from people = have never owned and amd pc, go ahead buy it. You will regret it, there is a reason almost every manufacturer has dropped their cpus in favor of intel.

iamgoatman1960d ago


Terrible drivers? Utter nonsense spread by people who don't even use them. AMD single card drivers are easily on par with Nvidia's, this isn't 5 years ago. Their Crossfire profiles have latency issues but they should be fixed with the an upcoming driver. But in terms of single GPU latency, AMD often beats Nvidia.

"The 770 is faster and cheaper than the 7970 anyway"

Uhhh, no it isn't. A 7970 at stock yes, but I've yet to see one that won't do 1200Mhz stable with a tiny voltage bump, with some doing it on stock volts. Then the two are about the same at 1080p, but at higher resolutions the 7970 pulls ahead, just like it was with the GTX680, which the GTX770 basically is, just clocked higher. Not to mention the 1GB fewer VRAM, which I bet will hurt like hell come November.

And cheaper where? A 7970Ghz can be had for just over £300, I bought one myself 2 weeks ago that also included Bioshock Infinite, Far Cry 3 Bloody Dragon and Crysis 3. The cheapest GTX770 here in the UK is £329, with no games and only 2GB of VRAM. The 4GB version starts at £429.

The disagrees are because you're wrong.

NioRide1960d ago

I can't believe people still go on about drivers.

Been with AMD since 08 and I've had no problems.

JonahNL1960d ago


"I can't believe people still go on about drivers."

Oh, there's a good reason people still go on about that. I've had an HD5870 Mobility for several years now and I can testify that AMD's support for mobile GPU's is downright horrible.

AMD has the better price/performance ratio, but I will vouch for Nvidia when it comes to the software.

Tr10wn1960d ago

@hdshatter i agree with you in the GPU part i completely disagree on the CPU part, my friend has a i5 3570k and i have a FX-8350 both of us are using the same card 660Ti and i get sightly better if not the same FPS on various games and my CPU was $50 cheaper than a 3570k but yeah, never buy an ATI they have terrible drivers and usually Nvidia is way better.

Hydrolex1960d ago

If AMD wasn't around. nVidia would have raped PC gamers with its prices... lol

And that's why competition is good (sometimes, it has pros and cons ) !

papashango1960d ago

I spent the last decade or so AMD only. From the Athlon XP 1800 to the x2 3800's and ended at the phenom II x4's. I've since switched to Intel and with what AMD's been putting out lately I don't think I'll be switching back

AMD had some marvelous chips in all honesty. I never once had any issues with their CPU's.

As far as GPU's go the last Nvidia card I owned was was a geforce 5700 fx I still use ATI/AMD

The GPU is where people say drivers suck but I've owned an

x1800 xt
currently using an HD7970

I had only a hardware failure with the 4890 and the 5870. Both replaced under warranty. I don't think I've once had some of these AMD driver issues that nvidia users seem experience with their non AMD cards.

Control Panel>Uninstall Catalyst Control Center>restart>Install New Driver/CCC>restart

Also. Always unintall CCC when upgrading video cards. just shutdown instead of restart and install your new hardware.

If I'm gonna drop a few hundred bucks for a new video card. I take the extra 5 minutes to make sure I set it up right.

Cueil1960d ago

Let's not forget that cost/performance is massively in AMDs favor... Nvidia doesn't follow thermal rules and that's how they get these slightly better performance boost... nothing that can't be dealt with using a OC version of a card and OC 10 percent more

Pro Racer1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I'm looking forward to seeing this game maxed out on a high-end PC.

1nsomniac1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Not sure why anyone would decide to choose current AMD hardware?

Obviously it looks like that will change with release of there newer current popular chips that are being used in these systems but remember these are being chosen because there cheaper, not better.

If you're experienced with PC's already or look at real world benchmarks on the internet etc AMD/ATI have always played second fiddle & never been able to quite match quality of Nvidia since the beginning of time.

SDS Gamerfiend1960d ago

AMD Sapphire Radeon HD 6970 here No Problems!!!!!!!

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ProjectVulcan1960d ago

Its an AMD branded game on PC sooo....hardly expect Nvidia hardware in there.

Battlefield 3 was AMD branded too, but it ran better on equivalent Nvidia hardware.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891960d ago

Funny thing is battlefield 4 at launch will probably run better with nvidia, because it takes AMD a week to release a driver for a game that there so called partnered with, whereas nvidia come out with driver updates on launch day or the next day especially if its a popular title. I'm glad amd is around because I do agree it keeps intel and amd prices at reasonable levels. But I won't build a amd rig just because it says its better on paper, and that's just IMHO.

PurpHerbison1960d ago

I built AMD/ATI about 4 years ago and slightly had regrets. There were some moments where I wish I had spent an extra 200-300 for intel. Overall though, it's fine.

Blackdeath_6631960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

apart from the cpu which i think intel has the upper hand in, amd wins in everything else most notably the gpu and console market. i think with the boost from the next gen of console gaming if amd focus their cpu's to be optimised specifically for gaming then they will be in a strong position.

apart from ready made home pc's which are dying out and high powered editing pc's for people who work in that field (not many) gaming is the biggest reason why people buy pc's all other uses for pc's have shifted to laptops, all-in-ones,mobiles and tablets

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1960d ago

This is nice to see pc running bf4 even with new consoles there!


solar1960d ago

but why not on the new "Supercharged PC" called the PS4?

starchild1960d ago

Because it isn't as supercharged as a true high end gaming PC. ;-)

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Psn8001960d ago

Gaming is going from strength to strength it's absolutely great .

1886afc1960d ago

everywhere but in the black

Orpheus1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Yeah they are everywhere along with their shitty driver crashes, also in my laptop :@ #REGRET

HaVoK3081960d ago

Yeah, it has nothing to do with Money and Exclusive Partnerships. Nah, it's all about the best performance.

The delusion of fanboys...never ceases.

malol1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

my gtx titan can shit all over this puny game.

no challenge here.

good to know its going to be the PC version that on the show.

Doctor_Freeman1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )


I've owned all of the above, they're all great, they all have they're pros and cons.

Currently using Intel/Nvidia, but AMD is a damn fine company also.

Looking forward to seeing this.

SnakeCQC1960d ago

lol nvidia seems to be butthurt everywhere

r1sh121960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )


Ive always had AMD/ATI graphics cards.
All have served me very well.

While there are many nvidias that benchmark better, AMD are just better value.
Nvidia are not.

Whilst I am not a big PC gamer anymore, even for standard tasks I would choose an AMD.

For gaming I would still choose an AMD.
Ive had nothing but good experiences with them.

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CaptainYesterday1960d ago

Fantastic! So Battlefield 4 will be looking pretty damn gorgeous!

CalamityCB1960d ago

I expect my eyes to be melted out of my skull if it's running on a computer like that, lol.

papashango1960d ago

I wouldn't expect too much. It's not the hardware that's the issue but BF 4 loos like BF 3.5

CalamityCB1960d ago

Many people say this but at the time the demo was released it was at a very early build; this is why they included assets from BF3 to be placeholders for the final BF4 models.
For many game sequels, the early builds of them mostly contain a lot of assets from the previous game.

Parasyte1960d ago

I would hazard to guess that those are Crossfired 7990s.

ZoyosJD1960d ago

That is what they used for the reveal, so likely unless they somehow got 2 8990 samples running smooth.

NameRemoved00171960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

It would be full of microstutter since its crossfire and then if you fixed amds crappy drivers with radeon pro EA would ban you for cheating because its an injector.

Zechs341960d ago

Shut up about your drivers, we get it, 3 comments later, you dont like AMD. I can say the same thing about nVidia. Their drivers always break compatibility and aren't as great as you make them out to be. I have been running AMD since 07 and have had no problems at all.

ZodTheRipper1960d ago

Don't care how it looks, what will be the specs?

NameRemoved00171960d ago

My guess for recommend:
i5 or fx 8350
Nvidia: 760ti/AMD 8870
30-40gb of storage space
8gb ram

To max it:
i5 4670k + 8gb ram + gtx 780/8970 or better

M-M1960d ago

Lmao why did you include Nvidia? They specifically said that they're using AMD.

SlyFoxC1960d ago

he added nvidia for those gamers who are running Nividia cards....

a little common sense goes a long ways