Is XBLIG Getting Xboned?

Every Xbox Indie Game will be wiped from existence once Microsoft drops 360 support, Paul Franzen claims.

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Viper71984d ago

Well most of them have PC port since many of them use XNA Framework. Even if Windows 8 drops the support, there's still Monogame which allows Linux and Mac support as well.

GameCola1984d ago

It's true that a lot of them have PC ports, but still--the games people already own won't work, for no reason. At best they'll have the option to purchase them a second time (unless the DRM restriction gets removed, anyway).

NameRemoved00171984d ago

If you bought the indie game on steam you would always be able to play it on any PC.

DivineAssault 1984d ago

One reason i dont buy xbl games.. I can play my PSN games offline but cant with xbl games, you cant.. Thats complete BS but it is what it is.. M$ wont be getting a damn cent from me anymore.. I supported the original xbox because of bioware & lionhead studios.. 360 because of the good exclusives they used to get at first.. This time i wont.. They dont have any exclusive dev companies im interested in..

GameCola1984d ago

One point to consider: as far as I know Xbox Live Arcade Games don't require an Xbox Live connection (unless you're playing online, of course), so I don't think they should be affected by this.

maniacmayhem1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Ok, just read the article and I never even knew that Indie games couldn't be played without an internet connection.

I guess that goes to show just how many times my internet is down. Being connected to the internet doesn't bother me...but it's these other policies that really concern me.

Cam9771984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

The article is true, when the 360 is left in the dark every indie game on it will evaporate into nothing. Just imagine how it'd be with the XBONE, it would be a little bit more than Indie games that are forgotten. If you're fathoming on whether to buy an XBONE then use my example, still want it? The console has no value to collectors at all thanks to the DRM, it's a glorified rent-machine.

GameCola1984d ago

Exactly my point (and I should've emphasized it more)! Games for The One have similar (though not exactly the same) DRM restrictions; it's not outside the realm of possibilities that when the Xbox Two comes out, your entire One collection will be unplayable, too.

Foxgod1984d ago

Not true, if an indie developer can find a publisher, e.g convince a publisher that his work can be profitable, they will still be able to release their games.

I know its not cool from an indie dev perspective, but from a consumer perspective its a good thing.
Just look at Android and Iphone, which have little limitations, theres so much crap on it you have to wade trough.

MS will keep a tight grip on quality control, ensuring we dont have to swim trough clutter to get some fresh water.

GameCola1984d ago

That's a fair point, but it's unrelated--the point is that the XBLIG games you already own will arbitrarily stop working when Microsoft eventually stops supporting the 360. Having to buy the game again on the new system (assuming you get the new system) doesn't help with that.

Foxgod1984d ago

ah ok, tnx for the heads up, i only read the first part of the article, which is about publishing.

GameCola1984d ago

No sweat! It's my fault for not being more specific in the summary, anyway.

Foxgod1984d ago

Cool, and dont worry about me only having read the first part, i am not really a reader, i always only read a part to get a general feeling of the info, so i am not really your target audience.

I am more of a visual person, my hobby is drawing :)