Miiverse - photo attachment option still in testing phase

It seems a photo attachment option is in testing, hopefully we'll see it in miiverse soon.

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CalamityCB1961d ago

I can see this being utterly abused.

gamer421961d ago

Not necessarily, this could be pointing towards a general miiverse community where you don't need to talk about games.And the strict mods would make sure non gaming related pictures stay in the general community. Atleast that's what I hope happens.

deadeyes1961d ago

l hope Nintendo quits trying to "be a parent" to us, as a parent, l appreciate their concern. However, let the parents police their children..

Nevers0ft1961d ago

I think the moderation on Miiverse is pretty well implemented tbh. Sure, Nintendo can be a little over-zealous and I'd like an option to say "I'm an adult, allow adult posts" but at the same time, their heavy-handed moderation has made Miiverse a very welcoming place.

tl;dr I'm conflicted :D

LOL_WUT1961d ago

Some people that draw obscenities don't get a warning but people who speak out their minds about stuff get a ban.

gamer421961d ago

How would you know if you don't have a wiiu?
Anyways people who draw obscenities are immediatelly banned and those who speak their minds aren't banned unless they're being complete a-holes about it. I once saw this guy write about why the wiiu was going to lose this console gen and why the wiiu should've been the console nintendo should have released in 2006 and he wasn't banned.

Nevers0ft1961d ago

It's pretty hard to get banned on Miiverse as far as I can tell. You'll get suspended for a period for dodgy pictures or obscenities but I think permanent Miiverse bans are rare if not non-existent.

There's plenty of dissent on Miiverse - check the community for any game and you'll soon see that Miiverse users are pretty vocal, especially in the communities where something has a known bug or is a bad/lazy port.

PerryCaravello1961d ago

nintendo fans posting their tiny little dick pics lol...

not a single rack was posted that day.


Nevers0ft1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

*sign* so I guess number of bubbles isn't an indicator of the maturity or intelligence of a poster :/