Review: Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine [Save/Continue]

Since the 2010 Independent Games Festival, Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine from Pocketwatch Games has been something of an unsung gem. It looked original and fun, something that is often hard to come by in a world full of multimillion dollar AAA titles that often overshadow the little guy. However, as the buzz began to build, especially during this last PAX East convention, people were saying its the next Fez or Super Meat Boy, and generally implied that it is the most important indie game to come out in a long while. Monaco isn’t a game-changing indie title as that many hailed it to be, but it is a blast that is worth your time and money.

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Bitsnark2054d ago

Nice review! When I get some free time this looks like it'll be a fair bit of fun.

AronDeppert2054d ago

This looks like an awesome game?

Herminator2054d ago

I want to get this, but I worry it will be like Magica, in that I will never put the effort in getting a group together to actually play it.