Need For Speed Rivals: A Few Details

A recently leaked copy of the upcoming GameInformer issue has revealed a wealth of new details regarding ReSpawn Entertainment’s latest installation of the Need For Speed franchise, Rivals. The issue was leaked by a member of NeoGaf.

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piroh2050d ago

hope there will be robust visual customization. what is arcade racing without visual tuning?

Divine2049d ago

I really hope they actually give this one a cockpit view. and im praying that the gameplay isn't like burnout. not saying burnout is a bad game its just not the type off racing im into. if i want to do barrel rolls and flat spins then i'll pop it in no problem:). but i hope they keep it closer to the NFS carbon, run or shift, and definetly have free roam and multiplayer.
@EazyC i hope they keep the customization also :/

xJumpManx2049d ago

No way to shift, carbon is fine though. Shift was EA attempt to make a Sim racer it was split from the need for speed series and went just by Shift. The world does not need anymore boring azz sim driving games. Need for Speed is an arcade racing series

Divine2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

@xjumpmanx my apologize i totally agree i really dont like the gameplay only certain little things. but it was a poor attempt at a sim racer. scratch that

EazyC2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Sounds rather a lot like Hot Pursuit, I hope they make the car physics more realistic than that was though (most likely will be closer to Most Wanted's, which is a good thing).

Part of me wishes Criterion would just make another Burnout instead, but if they can pull this off it could be a very good game. Is it open-world?

Something tells me customization isn't happening, the pics and teaser trailer point to exotic cars, and in standard spec at that. Bit disappointing :(

Blankolf2049d ago

Please just add a decent story like Most Wanted or Carbon, if you just add a bunch of cars and competitions the games get incredibly repetitive...

blackbirdi2049d ago

Respawn are not the developer of need for speed rivals it'S Ghost Games /Criterion Games