Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii Finally Released

After years of development, the fan made Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii has finally been released! The hack of New Super Mario Bros. Wii features all new levels, new music, new mechanics, new enemies, new bosses, a brand new world map, and even a classic item from a past game!

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ziratul1961d ago

This is illegal software. I don't support these people at all.

Eamon1961d ago

You must be fun at parties.

SonyWarrior1961d ago

i still havent beat the first one but im going to download and try this out looks cool

ziratul1960d ago

I am not. I don't attend parties. That's for younger people :)

BakedGoods1961d ago

The software not illegal per say--they aren't selling it--however Nintendo could claim copyright infringement. You do have to hack your Wii to play this though, which is a violation of Nintendo's TOS.

MegaLagann1961d ago

I bet you're the type of guy that would call the police because your friend is playing EarthBound on an emulator.

ziratul1961d ago

What to say, I work in city court.

3-4-51961d ago

Bad timing...New Luigi U is about to release and will be the same thing but better.

Cool that they did it though.

andrewer1961d ago

It requires the original's not so bad ;)

lizard812881961d ago

Indeed, pretty smart of them, despite it be "illegal", It separates the pirates and hackers quite well. You CAN NOT play this on a pirated copy or Dolphin either, you must own the disc.

DarkZane1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

It requires the original game or if you have a Wii hardmodded with a modchip, you can use a blank dvd and burn the game, it will act exactly the same way as the original and the Wii can't tell the difference.

This is why hardmods are better. If you have a modchip, you can update as much as you want and they can't block it.

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MegaLagann1961d ago

Interesting how these guys put more work into this than Nintendo did with say New Super Mario Bros 2. Looks fun, will download later today.

ziratul1961d ago

They just made NSMB more fun, but quality is very bad. Just check some of THEIR assets used.

JasonP271960d ago

First, I've seen the assets. They are as good or better than Nintendo's, when comparing to the original New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The only thing not quite as good graphically are the maps, as they created an ENTIRE NEW 2D MAP SYSTEM FROM THE GROUND UP. The 3D maps were too convoluted to edit... even though they had started making 3D maps until their 3D modeler disappeared. Second, they are not distributing anything illegal. Newer is distributed as file patches, just like any PC mod.

1961d ago