Top 3 Developers Packing Unannounced Gems

OnlySP: We run down 3 of the top devs aiming to show us some real blockbusters soon and what we can expect from them.

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PockyKing1957d ago

Really want to see what Black Tusk is up to as well as Avalanche. Have a feeling that Avalanche is going to make one hell of an open world game when they finally show off Just Cause 3.

lawks_land1957d ago

Just Cause 3 should be rad, if it's anywhere near as good as 2.

PockyKing1957d ago

Long as I can attach a guy to the back of my plane and do loops and rolls with him still back there it's a winner in my book.

ThatKanadianKid1957d ago

Just Cause 3 is gonna be nuts. Hopefully they include multiplayer in it as that beta has done really well.

ThatKanadianKid1957d ago

Good list. I think Black Tusk's game has probably been Microsoft's best guarded secret so far. Hopefully it gets people excited.

And, while it's probably against popular opinion, I really wouldn't mind having a next-gen Gears of War on Xbox One. Can't wait to see what Epic shows us with Fortnite though, the base building elements in that one are something I've wanted in a game for a long time.