Gears of War - Meet Your Crew!

So your figuring on battling a horde of big ugly locusts who just happen to have popped by your home planet for tea? Right then, you're going to need a solid crew to watch your back then!

Here's the lowdown on Marcus and all your fellow COG members who'll be joining you in your task to save Earth!

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unleash bass5892d ago

Run Awayyyy!

Nodoze5892d ago

or does phoenix look like his bandana is on too tight. He is cross eyed.

I sincerely hope that you are able to select the secondary characters to play through the story in co-op mode.

calderra5892d ago

Considering there's an achievemnt for playing as Dom through the whole game... yeah, I think there is.

Capt CHAOS5892d ago

Maan.. this game is shaping up to be bigger than Halo 2.. Well not quite.. But you just never know..