Gamepro's Phil Harrison Interview

At Sony's Gamer's Day event today, GamePro editor Vicious Sid had the chance to grab a few minutes with Sony's PS3 frontman, Phil Harrison. We touched on several topics: Blu-ray disc speeds, internal power supplies, and that nagging question -- is the PS3 graphically inferior to the Xbox 360?

PS360WII6343d ago

Not shabby but nothing really was said. Other than that they "needed" to put the power supply in the hardware cuz the cell needed it...

Retard6343d ago

Except the fact Harrison still abuses the word "functionality" to death!!! ><!!!

Marriot VP6343d ago

I'll read it I need a good laugh

Mikey_Gee6343d ago

Said some nice stuff .... and some not so great stuff ... but .... don't agree with his take on the 360 and 1080p comment.

VirtualGamer6343d ago

So like where are all the 1080p native 360 games? Oh thats right there aren't any!

Mikey_Gee6343d ago (Edited 6343d ago )

I am talking about him saying the 360 is "NOT CAPABLE" of doing it !!!

Harrison: ....and so that's why they (meaning the 360) can't do 1080p full frame. Because the image has to be in the frame buffer and a full 1080p image is 8 megabytes, so you can't double buffer.

I think he is FULL OF SH!T on this !!!!

But since you want to talk gams ... where are all the PS3 1080p games ... oh yeah .. Resitance .... oh wait ... that got squashed today didn't it !!

Like it or not .... I "DO NOT" have to agree with Sony 100% on things 100% of the time.

Raist6343d ago

There are 7 games or so in 1080p already
Lair, Ridge Racer 7, Virtua Tennis 3 just to name some of em.

kmis876343d ago

Can someone who knows a little more about the 360 architecture explain this frame buffer and 1080p thing a bit more? I'd like to hear both sides, form a preliminary conclusion, and then make a final judgement when I see Lost Planet on the 360.

THWIP6343d ago

You don't know that for sure. Until today, the same was being said for R:FOM ; the games will have to SHIP at 1080p, not be shown at 1080p WHILE IN DEVELOPMENT.

VirtualGamer6343d ago

So you think he is full of it on this? Care to explain why you think this and give any kind of credible reasoning as to why you believe this to be a false statement or are we just to take your word for it?

The PS3 has games that output in native 1080p resolution and their will be more.

Ridge Racer 1080p
Grand Turismo HD 1080p
Virtual Tennis 1080p
Liar 1080p

The XBOX 360 does not have any games that have 1080p natively. The reason is as Phil states that there is not enough room in the XBox 360's 10mb internal frame buffer.

Since its not able to do it natively they used software to upscale the signal to 1080p. The interesting thing for me was that it was Microsoft that stated the PS3 was not capable of 1080p natively. They also went on to say that 1080p was not important or needed for this gen of gaming and yet here they are now doing a software upgrade to the 360 so that it can upscale to 1080p. It would appear to me that MS underestimated the PS3 capabilites and are now doing their best to minimize the difference in performance between the two systems. So in my mind the only one who has been talking BS about 1080p has been MS not Sony. Until MS delivers a game in native 1080p will we know that Phil was wrong.

VirtualGamer6343d ago

You could be right but the only one who appears to be changing their position on 1080p is MS, its certainly not Sony. And Sony is the only one trying to have games created in 1080p. The reason I think your not seeing MS doing so is because they already know they can't the best they can do is upscale using software.

What I would like to know is if you can see a difference between native 1080p and upscaled 1080p. Logically one would say native would be better but if its not detectible by your eye then who cares?

Mikey_Gee6343d ago (Edited 6343d ago )

Simple .. as much as I like Sony (at times) ,,, I simply trust MS more when it comes to telling what the system CAN AND CANNOT do.

They have not let me down yet !!!! And if anything, they make the pot nicer than I expected.

It seams funny how MS wouls be SO BOLT IN THEIR CONVICTION when they "KNOW FOR A FACT" that if they are LYING ... they will be hung up for it VERY VERY FAST.

All they need is one person with a TRUE 1080p TV (myself) to prove them wrong.

And trust me ... if that is the case ... and MS turns out to be full of sh1T... I will be one of the first to point my finger at MS and show the flaw ...... The same as I do to Sony when they Fuk up !!!

I guess what makes you and I different is that you are stuck on Sony's T!t and I am not !!
Go to this pod cast:

(right click on link and SAVE TARGET)

LISTEN TO IT !!! As much as it kills you ... listen to it.
If you do not want to listen to it all, download the MP3 and go to 51:32 in the timeline !!

It is a good podcast and talk about 1080p factors that WILL ALSO AFFECT SONY !!

As I said .. I am not a spec/tech junky .. I just tend to trust MS more than Sony with their comments

THWIP6343d ago (Edited 6343d ago )

There's no proof that there's any REAL difference between "native" and "upscaled"....or that MS hasn't actually got something up their sleeve to prove everyone wrong anyway.
As you've indicated, it really is about the final product and public perception: "Is it live, or is it Memorex", you know? "Native", "upscaled", "true HD"...they're all just catchphrases and techie-terms. The only thing that really matters, is what the human eye sees...and the 360 can and will compete with the PS3 in that department, REGARDLESS of what methods they use to do so. The advantage they have over Sony, is nearly unlimited resources, and 30 years experience in software. If anyone can develop a software solution, to emulating/matching a hardware application...they can. ;)

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DJ6343d ago (Edited 6343d ago )

The ED-Ram chip connected to the Xenos GPU can handle 720p as long as you don't do anti-aliasing. Once anti-aliasing is thrown in the mix the frame has to be chopped up because 10MB simply isn't big enough when you're doing 2x and 4x Multi-sample anti-aliasing.

You can do anti-aliased 720p and 1080p on the 360, except that it eats into system bandwidth since the frames have to chopped up, worked on in ED-Ram one at a time, and repasted together back in System Ram. It's crude, but it works. Some devs are working their heads around this problem, while others are completely ignoring the ED-Ram. The chip has extremely high internal bandwidth, but it's connection speed to the GPU isn't anywhere near as fast.

The problem isn't the connection speed though, it's the fact that the GPU has to deal with things that the ED-Ram was designed to alleviate. It takes a 2 tiles to do anti-aliased 720p and 4 tiles to do 1080p. If they had given the ED-Ram 30Mb of storage it'd have a serious advantage over the PS3 in terms of frame buffering. But since the chip isn't big enough, 360 devs have to do a bunch of processes that eat into system bandwidth and memory.

Not impossible; just complicated and computationally expensive. If you're wondering why the PS3 has the framebuffer advantage, it's because the RSX chip has 22GB/s of bandwidth to a dedicated memory pool while Xenos has to share its 22GB/s connection to unified ram with the CPU and I/O devices (in addition to transfering and pasting together framebuffer tiles 60~120 times a second).

Hopefully Sony's decision to split up the memory pools AND put dedicated bandwidth between the Cell and RSX is a bit more clear. The ED-Ram does alleviate a few things for the 360, but also creates a few drawbacks. =/

kmis876343d ago

Thanks for the explanation. That was a nice, concise post that I actually understood. Good work.

USMChardcharger6343d ago

ign did an article about why the 360 1080p is broken (will not work in the end sort of speak)

not to long ago they have updated that article and reposted it (you can go there now and find it).

they reposted it because the article has been updated. they now have all the details on why it will work.

they have since taken back what they said and agree...it was hidden in the 360 the whole time.

like an April fools joke on everyone if you will. it is like the update will activate the chip already within.

Mikey_Gee6343d ago (Edited 6343d ago )

VERY VERY NICE POST ..... I am not a techno geek (not calling you names) but your post is VERY CLEAR and actually makes scence.

But I also did see that ign article and I do have faith in my 360 and 1080p.

I want 1080p on BOTH MY CONSOLES !!!!

WHY some ask ............. ???

Easy .... because I JUST DO !!!


USMC .. Is this it??


USMChardcharger6343d ago

yes USMC, thank you. everyone leaves off the "C", lol.

man, i searched and searched for that link (took me forever. the beer in my hand didn't help either)...then posted it to find you had...lol. o, well...good job.

kmis876343d ago

I already read that article, but it doesn't address that ability to hold a 1080p image thing, the guy just says "yes we can," and doesn't give the how. But, we'll see what can or can't be done soon enough. I'm real psyched for Lost Planet by the way.

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