Reggie will announce Best Buy's playable Wii U games after Tuesday's Nintendo Direct

On Tuesday, Nintendo will host its E3 2013 Nintendo Direct presentation.

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darthv721964d ago

there is a best buy next to the pizza place i go for lunch. I hope they are one of the participating locations.

abzdine1964d ago

i hope they had a conference at E3 like every year!!

Firan1964d ago

Why? It doesn't matter unless you would be physically present at their press conference. I watch E3 conferences streamed so there is no difference for me.

Y_51501964d ago

I rather have Nintendo directs. Have you seen their E3 conference during E3 2009? They talk too much about family games and statistics of their sales and stuff. Nintendo direct shows what we like, the games we care about!

MNGamer-N1964d ago

I hope they have multiple setups so alot of people can play, I don't like just waiting around

MilkMan1964d ago

Dont matter those locations are so remote they might as well be in Siberia.
How are you NOT showing your stuff in NYC, in the heart of the world? Instead it's Long Island City?
Thats an EPIC FAIL.

Munnkyman1964d ago

I live in orlando where tons of people from all over the world come year around and they dont have one here. But they have one in brandon fl where nobody lives. Makes no sense

weekev151964d ago

Apart from the fact they are doin a tour of disneyworld and transforming the NY Nintendo shop...

Munnkyman1963d ago

I didn't know they were doing a disney world tour haven't seen that info. But if they are thats great

--Onilink--1964d ago

they will have those demos on the Nintendo Store in NY for the entire week of E3 and without time restrictions, how is that a fail??

MilkMan1963d ago

I didn't know this. I looked at those location and I didn't see an update. That makes a HELL OF A LOT OF SENSE. Not that I don't believe you, but do you have a link on this info?

Yeah, i'll go there. Its real close to my job.

--Onilink--1963d ago

Here is a link, they will have a special event during the time of the E3 direct and host the demos for the remaining of the week

deafdani1963d ago

But the demos will be playable on Nintendo World Store, in NY.

Realplaya1964d ago

Got one 2 minfrom work I can't wait.