Xbox One: X360 Magazine on the – slightly – shocking truth

X360: The Xbox One is making some big changes to the way we think about games and ownership, but it can’t all be bad news, surely?

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Septic1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

It is all bad news as far as I can see.

"It’s a massive change in direction to the way we’re used to thinking about games, but it’s less jarring if you start comparing you Xbox to your iPhone."

I'm sorry but no; we should not condition ourselves to start thinking like this. Importing the worst elements of another medium into gaming and then trying to draw parallels to justify it is simply wrong.

I'm sorry, but this is one giant step towards crushing consumer rights. This has dulled all my excitement for E3 now and I hope the voices of discontent aren't drowned out by those trying to justify, what I sincerely believe are unethical business practices.

One4U1959d ago

those money hungry bloodsuckers ! its shit like this that encourage piracy and hacking , not prevent it !

Dailynch1959d ago

It doesn't look good, does it?

Septic1959d ago

:( No

Seriously, how MS can balls up so hard is beyond me. The moment they were in a position to dictate something, they just brought in all this nonsense that strikes at the heart of the gaming.

The X1 just reeks of corporate self-interest. Its such a shame man because the Xbox and 360 were such brilliant consoles and showed that, when MS did put the effort into areas which counted, we got some amazing experiences.

Sony and MS have switched places now. Before, it was Ken Kutaragi telling us to get two jobs or work overtime, and that it was a "home entertainment" machine as opposed to a games console, and now MS are forcing the same thing down our throats.

Well,it looks like its up to us to give them a swift kick up the back side. I hope gamers vote with their brains and wallets.

Insomnia_841959d ago

This is worst than the 33% failure rate fiasco.

It's hard to believe all this and harder to believe the "gamers" who support this blindly.

This cannot be supported! Something needs to be done about this crap! Boycott, set MS HQ on fire, whatever! Something!

Fat-Milkers1959d ago

It like hardcore xbox 360 loyalists are waiting for rescue from Playstation, whilst on board the sinking ship that is Microshaft. They have destroyed themselves, and the loyalty is jumping onto the playstation rescue choppers. x)

Confickercrash1959d ago

"You won’t own the games
you buy. You’ll buy the
licence to play them."
So games are going to become like Windows programs, and come with an EULA? Give me an option that says "I actually care about my consumer rights therefore I do not accept these draconian license practices so you can take your agreement and shove it" I will tick it any day.

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