Japanese Fans Weigh in on Their Favorite Tales Games

Kotaku - This past weekend in Yokohama, 25,000 Japanese fans gathered for Tales of Festival 2013 over the course of two days. And since the conversation at an event like this turns to all things Tales, we at Kotaku East decided to give voice to a few fans about their favorite Tales games and more. As you’ll see from their responses, these fans have favorites across the entire series, and they are definitely loyal to the core when it comes to Tales.

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Relientk773065d ago

Such a fantastic JRPG series

can't wait for Tales of Xillia in August, for North America

Yi-Long3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

... but not when they isnsit on only selling us a dub-only version, instead of including the original language with english subs as an option.

Tried a Wii Tales game once. Couldn't bare the voice-acting, and that I couldn't click through the cut-scenes to avoid those voices.

They seem like nice old-skool RPGs, and considering the anime-influence, it just baffles me why they would intentionally alienate a huge portion of the anime-fanbase by not including the original voices, which is a must for many anime fans.

Nate-Dog3065d ago

Baba said they plan to do it in the future, or at least they're looking into doing so. But I don't see how you see it as alienating a huge portion of the fanbase. I don't buy Metal Gear Solid 3 EU edition and complain that there's no Japanese voice-acting on the disc do I? It's not like every major title from Japan is supposed to have Japanese voice-acting on it.

Inception3065d ago

Mate, how many times you must repeat yourself for not buying / playing games if they don't include the japanese VA / dual-dub on the game? You like a broken record you know -_-

Gregard3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

I'm with you man! I would love if they include jpn voices as well. But to be fair, the Wii tales game, symphonia 2, was for me one of the worst tales games. It seem to me like it was just a cash in on symphonia's popularity... And I loved symphonia!

Anyway, I would suggest that you play Vesperia on the 360, if you haven't done so yet. For me it's the best tales game yet. And even though there are no jpn voices, the English voice casting for that game is superb! (Troy Baker FTW!!!) You should give that a go, it will leave you with a much better impression I'm sure!

Chaos_Raiden3065d ago

Interesting character picks by Tales fans.

Inception3065d ago

Yeah, i expected Tales of Xillia, Graces, Abyss, Vesperia, and Destiny 2 dominated the polls. Weirdly, there's no Leon Magnus from Destiny as fav (male) characters. Two years ago Leon dominated the polls for the most fav characters in Tales series.

DEATHxTHExKIDx3064d ago

surprised I dont see Tale of Symphonia on here. Most of them seem to like the recent Tales games tho so i guess there only playing what they can get their hands on.

Inception3064d ago

You should check the article again. There's a fans in the article who like Emil from Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. And her fav Tales also Dawn of the New World. Besides, this polls only a sample of fans who visited Tales festival.

DEATHxTHExKIDx3064d ago

Well I meant the original Tales of Symphonia.

Canary3064d ago

I'm kind of amazed at the popularity of Vesperia. Yes, the characters were fantastic... but the setting was pretty shallow for a Tales Of game, and the overall narrative was pretty dull IMHO.

Xof3064d ago

Why does no one like Stahn?

He's clearly the best. Ever. Of all time.