E3 2013 Countdown: RPG Games of E3

PlayStation Euphoria writes: "With E3 just about here we are counting through the big RPG games we want to see at E3 and what we expect from confirmed and rumored titles from the biggest publishers. We discuss RPG games like Fallout 4, Diablo III, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Age III! What RPG game are you excited to hear from?"

NOTE: regarding Witcher 3, It is the first time Witcher game will release on a Sony console. (Witcher 2 was released on Xbox 360)

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Foxgod1960d ago

Fallout 4 baby!!
And maybe a Mass effect surprise? Hope so!

Kal8531960d ago

Yeah, I would LOVE to get me some Fallout 4!

Monkeysmarts1960d ago

They really need to nail Dragon Age 3. I would be so excited for that game if 2 wasn't such garbage.

The Witcher 3 remains my most anticipated next gen game until Bethesda spills the beans on Fallout 4. Even then I might be more excited for Witcher... that game is going to be epic.

Not holding out much faith for the new Final Fantasy. If Sony is involved like the rumors suggest then hopefully they have a measure of quality control, because whoever has been giving the ok on these console FFs needs to get beaten with a wet noodle.

NioRide1959d ago

I really hope no one is expecting the FF engine to look that good on console.

As it was already confirmed by square that it was using a GTX680 with 2GB dedicated to the card on a i7-3770k and 32GB dedicated just to the system and CPU side.

CourierSix1953d ago

Fallout 4....Dragon Age 3....excuse me while I do my happy dance:D