Eurogamer's X360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Ten

As is the norm, there's roundup commentary on the gameplay of each title, combined with technical analysis for both PS3 and Xbox 360 releases. Backing that up is the usual range of 720p and 1080p (where PS3 supports it) full precision, full-range 24-bit RGB dumps of every game, courtesy of the Digital Foundry HD capture unit.

Onto the games then. There's quite an intriguing line-up of the best and the very, very worst in cross-platform development in this round, with an unintended emphasis on co-op gameplay and Epic's Unreal Engine 3 technology:

* Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2
* Blacksite: Area 51
* Army of Two
* Conflict: Denied Ops
* Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
* Dynasty Warriors 6
* Lost: The Video Game

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toughNAME5047d ago

And they rarely inlcude rumble/achievements...

wAtdaFck5047d ago

Extra immersion devices and tactics shouldn't distract from the pure essence of what is gaming.

(talking about achievements)

The PS3 already has rumble anyway so...

masterg5047d ago

Why not use the best multi platform games to make this test.
Games like Devil May Cry and Burnout Paradise. Rainbow Six and Army of Two is just within the limit of what is acceptable but the others should not be allowed on any test.

green5047d ago

if you own only one console like me,then these comparisons don't really mean much.

If you own both consoles then i guess this will help you purchase the best version s of multiplatform games.

meepmoopmeep5047d ago

agreed. they're good for multiplat games for owners of both consoles.

BeaArthur5047d ago

I own both and there are things I like and dislike about each one.

Vicophine5047d ago

Did they pick the worst games to compare in this list... I don't think it matters which version has +1FPS when these games blow this badly..

green5047d ago

well if you look at it,there haven't been any good multiplat games that have been released in the past month.R6V2 and Army of 2 are the best so far.

Vicophine5047d ago

Thats true, but Blacksite?...

RealityCheck5047d ago

That's why I have all 3 consoles. Except for a few rare exceptions, the best games are exclusives to each console.

meepmoopmeep5047d ago


that's why i tend to only buy exclusive games in which the developer has used all its resources concentrated on one platform. the exclusives are the ones that tend to be better overall in quality than multi-platforms.

i rarely buy a multi-platform game unless the PS3 was the lead platform.

Vicophine5047d ago

^Thats precisely why I buy any multiplatforms. I find it funny when developers say "We didn't get good sales on the PS3" thats simply because people won't buy a product that the developers intentionally held back ^_^

xhairs5047d ago

I don't understand how anyone could find the money to either buy or even RENT Conflict: Denied Ops. That game was so bad I feel bad for anyone who took the time to play the demo...their version of "destructable terrain" is nothing more than shooting buckets of boxes in RSV2.

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iAmPS35047d ago (Edited 5047d ago )

I won't bother reading this articles anymore. This was as stupid as any other PS3/3rdFixMe comparisons so far.

It is proven that the PS3 is capable of achieving quality far superior to the 3rdFixMe (vide GT5 and MGS4 both 1080p and stunning graphics)

If you want a future proof console just buy the games for the PS3, in the end you will end up either packing up your 3FixMe and sending it to Nazisoft or will just stand there dusting up cause you got no more great games to play (due to the fact that the PS3 has all of them exclusively cause devs can't fit 50Gigs on a DVD9)

That is not so hard to understand BOTS, 360 is dying and will happen sooner than you think, so just don't waster your money on a technology Nazisoft will replace (like they did with the XBOX) as fast as you can say: "I got funked once again!!!"

TheMART5047d ago

The 360 keeps winning with multiplatform games... And much is coming down to the better hardware choices Microsoft made. Like ANA hardware scaler:

"The subpar PS3 performance also extends to the support for 1080p displays. No problems with 360 as per usual thanks to the built-in hardware scaler, but the frame-rate of PS3 Conflict: Denied Ops takes another hit should your XMB be set to 1080p - and that's with no graphical improvement over the 720p game whatsoever. Once again, PS3 owners are better off running their systems at 720p even if they have a 'full HD' display."

The PS3 only can do or horizontal or vertical upscaling at once in a software way, the 360 can do both at the same time through hardware (ANA) without losing AA (for 'free' by the extra Ram on the GPU)

This won't change in the future, as the configs of the consoles are made like this...

iAmPS35047d ago

A hardware it's as good as the software it's running.
And all this games just prove that the developers are "used" to the 360 tool set (because it's older) and keeps recycling the same code/ideas/models to the PS3.

Games that start development on the PS3 are way better than the 360 (vide Burnout Paradise).

So, plz just stop spiting out crap about what you don't know nothing about TheMarT aka POG

wAtdaFck5047d ago

It just happens that you decided to pick the game who's development team had the hardest time rendering for the PS3, did you? Taking a second glance at all the OTHER games that were multi-platform, we already know that the PS3 is capable of rendering graphics at the same level as the 360. It just depends on the game.

The Hardware Scaler Chip that is ANA doesn't do more than upscale game resolution. It doesn't upgrade graphics or put its foot over the PS3 in terms of graphical displays in any matter other than it can change resolution.

TheMART5047d ago

@ iamPS3

uhm... well its about with all the multiplatform games that the 360 version is running better... I guess its over 95% running better on the 360.

Those games that are made on the PS3 first and the 360 gets the port, like Burnout Paradise, they run about equal.

So we can say: 95% of all multiplats are better on the 360, and the rest looks about equal as their PS3 counterpart.

Doesn't that make the 360 the better gaming device for sure for multiplats there? And seen the exclusives, the PS3 only has one on an average 9.0 (Uncharted), while the 360 has multiple, on or over that 9.

I guess the facts are pretty clear there.

BTW that Mart aka POG stuff is getting old. Go check the IP that Doodle guy was giving... It is in Mexico. I am living in The Netherlands and not hiding my IP, the mods can check its in The Netherlands. POG is from the States if I'm right, they can check his IP also. So go ask them, because its nonsense.

@ watdafck

Go check the other games and read above.

wulan5047d ago (Edited 5047d ago )

You are not from Netherlands . You are from US

Mart uses GOOGLE TRANSLATION to Fake that he is from Nethelands

I can use Google translation to register at insidegamer Netherlands too


i can register in any webiste with the google trnslator and post without problems

I googled for Mart aka POG and found this :-


MART and POG are the same PERSON

MART aka POG was caught here. He is a 35 year OLD gamer and lives in USA


can someone please complain to the MODS about this "

the IP adress ending with 141 is for US.

Mart aka POG you are the same guy. I am now complining to the MODS about your duplicate Active accounts

Users can complain to the Admin DUSTY on Mart's duplicate active accounts

Ju5047d ago

ANA does the same like any other "FullHD" 1080p TV does when fed a 720p signal. Nothing more.

Neurotoxin5047d ago

You just got served up your own testes Marty McPog.

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