Wii U makes Yahoo's top trending searches


Now this is what we need to see! We want people talking about and searching out the Wii U. Good to see this as we lead into E3. Thanks to Dennis for the heads up!

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chadboban1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Probably has to do with the Smash news. Think of when the actual trailer comes out.

But some of the rest of what's trending in that list, really makes me wonder what's wrong with the world.

gamer421985d ago

WOW! I haven't noticed the other ones...
1.Prostitute ads
2.Amanda Bynes
3.Taco Bell firing
4.Pope wasting food
5.'Evil Elmo'
6.Wendy Williams
7.Atari Landfill
8.Minnesota Cheerleader
9.Wii U
10.Hawaii Earthquake.

What 'trends' these days really confuses me...

_QQ_1985d ago

LMAO at the pope wasting food search.

Kevlar0091985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

By Smash news you mean the Hideki Kamiya tweet? I wouldn't call that news since it's most likely he's trolling us (very upfront I might add)

I haven't heard any real news on Smash in awhile

gamer421985d ago

Well, we did find out that there will be smash trailer at the E3 direct, not just screenshots.

chadboban1985d ago

Sakurai announced today on his twitter that there will be a worldwide premier of the trailer for the new Smash Bros at the E3 Nintendo Direct.

Kevlar0091985d ago

Thanks for the answers, I understand

LOL_WUT1985d ago

Seems like it didn't last long ;)