Next Gen vs Murdered: Soul Suspect

Too many games, too little time and Next Gen is on the horizon. Damn. Thirty & Nerdy's Matt Strnad muses over Murdered: Soul Suspect's potential makings in relation to PS4 and Xbox One.

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Qrphe1985d ago

"...I was still playing games like Final Fantasy XII and Shadow of the Colossus on the Playstation 2. Compared to those games, I'd look at 360 titles like Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo, and even the outstanding Condemned: Criminal Origins and think to myself that the only difference between the PS2 and Xbox 360 generation was a sheen being applied to character models."

I also remember some people saying that the 360 wasn't enough of an upgrade and that it didn't feel next-gen enough. I really can't wait for next-gen to start.

thirtyandnerdy1977d ago

Me either, I'm super excited! But I wonder if it'll happen again, where at first it'll just be cleaner-looking everything, vs the way we'll perceive the effects of the technology in say, 3-4 years. For example, I loved the Infamous: Second Son demo that was shown at E3, but was it really THAT much better looking than Infamous 2? Cleaner, yes. It looked crisp and there weren't blurry textures and or jaggies and stuff. But gameplay-wise it was Infamous, which we've seen. Nonetheless it's awesome to hear that developers are loving the processing power and RAM and can build their games more quickly and efficiently, while not having to compromise their visions in the process. =)