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TCO writes:

"Each time I saw a new trailer, read a new preview or looked at a new batch of a screenshots for State of Decay, I got just as worried as I was excited. Undead Labs’ Third-Person, Open World, Survival Horror RPG was such an ambitious game that there was always a chance that it wouldn’t end up nearly as good as it looked and we’d be left disappointed again. Now that I’ve actually played it I can thankfully say that, even if it is a little rough around the edges, State of Decay is one of the best Zombie games that I’ve ever played."

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yugovega1987d ago

troll review this is a sony drone review this game is easily a 10 if not 11.

SexyGamerDude1987d ago

I downloaded the game and it's good but there are a lot of issues, tons of bugs and glitches. A 9 is about right.

NioRide1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Wait so a ton of bugs, and glitches and game issues now means a 9?

I remember the days when the game had to be pretty much perfect to get such a score on shipping, before DLC and patches.

axerated1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

yeah cause 9's an awful score right? lol this is the highest score i've seen for this actually, does look fun though. defo worth a punt when it hits pc...

matrixman921987d ago

I think he was attempting to make a joke about the rage over the last of us reviews...that are actually still considered good

Dread1987d ago

He is just making fun of the sony fanatic tin foil hat crazies who attack any reviewer who does not give sony exclusives perfect scores. If its a sony game the only valid opinion is of those who give it perfect any one else is fu$&ed

For example they hate ign but since it gave last of us a perfect then suddenly they are legitimate reviews. Its just the double standrad of ridiculous fanboys.

On point this game is the tits. O and for the sony crazies, the last of us is a must buy for me.

axerated1987d ago

ha, yeah i sensed the sarcasm in there, just thought i'd poke fun. i watched the ign vids for this game and it really does look like the zombie game i've always wanted

American_Gamer1987d ago

Love, love, love this game! I think it's very ambitious, has some issues, but for the scope of a download title, the game is great. I mean you get more value from this $20 game than most full $60 games.

I just hope they incorporate co-op because this game blows away the likes of Dead Island and screams co-op from the very beginning.

_LarZen_1987d ago

If you like muddy graphics and zombies with dumb dumb dumb AI. Then sure..its a great game!

SexyGamerDude1987d ago

Graphics don't make a game.

Also, aren't zombies supposed to be dumb? I mean, they have little to no brain activity.

_LarZen_1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Graphics don't make a game, but it sure helps lift the immersion in a game.

I just thought the X360 version was not good on that part. It could have been better, but then again this is a XBLA game and not a AAA game published by a big company.

Going to wait for the PC version as it will have the fidelity to lift the game up and experience it at it's best potential.

EDIT: And regarding the AI, aye you are right...funny :)

mrmancs1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Put zombie in the title some people with no brainssssss ( pun intended) just got to say it's amazing... Give me a first person zombie game open world , starts with you sat in your home watching TV with the family , it's raining outside you can hear it hitting the windows along with lightning flashes , suddenly a news flash comes up saying there has been a chemical leak at the local military site ambulances sent in to treat the injured or dying have lost contact... Suddenly the TV goes off along with the electricity in the home, darkness and silence descends apart from the ominous sounds of rain and the sound of thunder and flashes of lightning.... You hear distant car and house alarms and explosions... The game begins....

CynicalKelly1987d ago

This game is so awesome! I wish more arcade games were like this.

Heck, I wish more AAA games were like this. I can't wait to see where the future of this IP will go.