The Franchises We’d Like to See Return at E3

Level Up Video Games writes: Every year as E3 approaches, people begin to put together their “wishlist” of what they’d like to see from the show. We’ve decided to put together a list of some franchises that have been too-long dormant, and are definitely deserving of a comeback. Here are the franchises, in no particular order, that we would love to see make a re-appearance at this year’s E3, even though the chances of that happening are pretty slim. Are your picks among our list?

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Relientk771958d ago

Good list

definitely would be happy to see these franchises again

Donnieboi1958d ago

I wanna see a sequel to MGO (Metal Gear Online). I'm bored ever since they turned off the servers last summer.

yugovega1958d ago

gauntlet and hunter. where are all the dungon crawlers? and no not diablo 3. last good console one was sacred 2. i'd also like to see another nightmare creatures, full spectum warrior, and brute force.

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