E3 2013 Date: Can Xbox 1, PS4, and 'Destiny' Live Up to Expectations?

The entire gaming world is waiting with bated breath for next week, the most important Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) since the conference went public in 2009.

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Sandmano3574d ago

I think the PS4 already has the xbox one needs to show it can and Destiny looks good but more needs to be shown.

gamertk4213573d ago

No Xbox controller looks like that, with the Sony dpad style.

Agent_hitman3573d ago

MS had already failed when they showed the Xbox one on the public with matching laughable policy like mandatory online every 24 hours.

Tatsuya 3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

I'm putting my money on PS4, there's not a fukin thing Microsoft can do that can pull me to their side. Even if they do announce better games or a lot of games for their kinect mandatory pos. My allegiance lies with SONY.

icecoldfire3573d ago

Xbox One- No
PS4- Yes
Destiny- Maybe

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