Gameloft teases Modern Combat 5 ahead of E3

Poor Venice is already sinking, but Gameloft shows no mercy for the canal-crisscrossed Italian city in a trailer for the next installment of the mobile first-person-shooter series

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ZodTheRipper3574d ago

If this would be Modern Warfare people would get upset about them milking the franchise and being on Smartphones instead of consoles ... ;D

Wingsfan243574d ago

And we say Modern Warfare was milked lol! But now, this looks good. Might try it on my tablet.

vishmarx3574d ago

looks great ...mc4 played great as well but i just cant bear mobile game fo than a few minutes ....besides i use the phone to talk to people aswell...

CalamityCB3574d ago

I don't see how they're going to compete with Call of Duty when they have no dogs...

games_FTW3574d ago

but they have better fish AI.

Half-Mafia3574d ago

This game is milked more than COD.

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