Modern Combat 5: Blackout is Headed to the Switch Soon, Costs $19.99

Pure Ninty: Gameloft has officially announced today that it is bringing Modern Combat 5: Blackout to the Nintendo Switch in the coming weeks, and that it’ll cost $19.99.

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EddieNX 599d ago

Activision will finally fold this year and bring a portable COD to Switch. Modern warfare remastered or something like that. Would be stupid not to.

porkChop599d ago

I would honestly just take COD4 for $20-$25. It's still my favourite COD so I would be happy with that.

599d ago
Greedsin599d ago

Ya but we're talking about Activision here, if they released it on the Switch they'll make people pay $79.99 like any other new COD release.

ABizzel1598d ago

COD4 remastered $49.99 - $59.99 on Switch. If you're luck $39.99 if they can reduce that 40GB game down to fit on a single 16GB card.

nick13b599d ago

yuck another cell phone game for the switch.

Gemmol599d ago

Only positive no micro transactions no paying to win everything you unlock by playing while a mobile version just keep taking money from you

phoenixwing599d ago

To be fair mobile games ported to consoles can be good. I mean if they revamp the controls for consoles and don't do a straight port it can be pretty nice as long as it's not pay 2 win or pay a bunch in order to get a decent experience.

Segata599d ago

Implosion was pretty good but yeah this is a Gameloft game mediocre at best.

TheFirstClassic598d ago

Modernc combat would honestly be pretty decent with good controls, it emulates cod pretty well, the price is a bit too high tho.

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Zjet599d ago

Hell yes! Finally some info!!!

Dirtnapstor599d ago

Okay, if we're doing this, then I'd like to see a Vita port of Killzone and Resistance for my Switch!

pietro1212599d ago

Yeah, Sony isn't going to let that happen

Dirtnapstor598d ago

Oh I know. One can only wish. I have a bunch of Vita games via PS Plus, but no Vita.

pietro1212598d ago

I had the dame problem, and I didn't want to pay $100 + for the system. I ended up getting a Playstation TV for $20 bucks

CDbiggen598d ago

Just looked it up, it's exactly what you'd expect.

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