CryEngine 3 ready to give PS4 developers extra horsepower

Crytek have confirmed that their CryENGINE 3 technology is primed to act as a development tool for the upcoming PlayStation 4 system.

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DaThreats2057d ago

I expect this engine to be drastically superior to its Xdone counter-part.

Army_of_Darkness2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

It's to bad I don't watch TV. Plus, I'm not a reality TV fan, which takes up like 80% of the shows out now....

unless Xbone gets exclusivity to the walking dead and spartacus in HD, that console ain't kinect-ing to anything in my house;-)

piroh2057d ago

there is some opportunity, but i´m afraid all multiplats on CryEngine3 will look the same on all platforms due to financial reasons unless developers get a passion to make the best out of the best

AznGaara2057d ago

It may look the same, but framerate could be better.

Blackdeath_6632057d ago

agreed with @AznGaara even if multiplats are made to look equal on both systems frame rate is one area ps4 will have the advantage like jonathon blow said there may be a situation where games are running at 60fps on ps4 and 30fps on xbone. it's way way too early to confirm any of this is true or just how much of an edge the ps4 will have but looking at the current confirmed info we have that appears to be a likely scenario. MS is still tweaking clock speeds it appears whether they reduce it and play it safe or increase it and increasing the risk of over heating and failure rates we have yet to see.

greenpowerz2057d ago

How was an official statement supporting PS4 the best they can turn into giving PS4 more power in this article and later claimed to mean XB1 will be left behind with inferior versions of the engine by Sony fans LMAO.

MRMagoo1232057d ago

Xbone is inferior in every way so who cares.

FITgamer2056d ago

@MrMagoo123 not true. The X1 will definitely be a better spy and thief.

waltercross2056d ago

To be fair, XBO Will be a better Cable Box /S

FITgamer2056d ago

@waltercross i would of said that too, but it can't play tv without an actual cable box.

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ExCest2057d ago

On behalf of all feminists...*snicker*, I say that's super-duper-sexist and you need to be censored so much.

Conan-O-Brady2057d ago

Strawberry quick is so much better, just saying......

MRMagoo1232057d ago

Yeh nothing says manly more than a pink milk drink lmao.

SpinalRemains2056d ago

Guess no one watches Fosters :(

VaporCell2057d ago

Will they also have a switch to make your game insta-boring?

papashango2057d ago

They updated it. It's an always-on feature now.

Fat-Milkers2057d ago

PS fanboys "Oh yeah, we are gona get some sweet looking games on the CryEngine 3!"

BoneBox fanboys "....look how great our controller is!"

LackTrue4K2057d ago

I really reall doubt, Playstation fans even have Cryteck engine in back of there mind...coming to E3?!

Tatsuya 2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

I just hope the devs that will be utilizing this game engine will develop overall better quality and great gameplay for the PS4 games!

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The story is too old to be commented.