WiiWare Final Fantasy to feature pay-to-play elements?

Gaming Target writes: Guess what America? Nintendo's WiiWare service has gone live over in Japan. Yes, we have to wait a little bit longer, but thankfully we have the people at Game/Life that don't. So what were they greeted with upon starting their first WiiWare download, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King?

A notice informing them that the product they are downloading will require more points for either additional content or services. While we expected Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King to have additional content for sale, we aren't expecting a service fee.

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ChickeyCantor4960d ago

in other words downloadble content, if its true this game wouldnt be the first to have that on Wiiware

zslash4960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

Well, it's DLC - new buildings, costumes, etc. It's not required to play the game further.. so play-to-play isn't really the proper term.

sumfood4u4960d ago

Atleast this means it looking rather good!