Warframe PS4 screens – 1080p, co-op & free-to-play next-gen gaming

Here are a few screens for Warframe, a free-to-play co-op shooter heading to PS4. The (up to) four player game sees you fighting through a variety of mission types to earn money, XP and to upgrade the warframes – semi-magical armour that grants various abilities and character classes.

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Wizziokid4056d ago

Didn't play much of this yet but I may try it out again

abzdine4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

free game with trophies and looking good! what do people need more?

Moncole4055d ago

For it to be fun. I played the game for about 2 hours and its not really fun.

lonesoul654056d ago

I have played an though it is free-to-play...it's also a big pay-to-win game also. Though you can probably see most of the game for around 60 bucks worth of IAP but easily spend 200 if you want to see it all.

Allsystemgamer4056d ago

It's not pay to win. I have it on PC. The money is for customization, new characters etc. it's a co op shooter.

PlayStation_44056d ago

you have no idea what you are talking about, the entire game is playable without even spending a cent & it is far from pay 2 win

lonesoul654056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

Exactly...yes...co-op, customization is more than visual...weapons, suit upgrade = money. Are there things that you cannot get playing for free? yes....can you get a lot of stuff free...yes. But the high level stuff without the purchased suits your kinda dead in the water...its not just visual upgrades or XP boosts.

Obviously I have played the game and enjoyed it but for higher end-game stuff you will be spending money...or 1000's of hours. Slower progress due to f2p is still a pay-to-win model...when people around you are exponentially more powerful due to investing money...is a pay-to-win model. IMO anyways.

PixlSheX4056d ago

AFAIK, Warframe doesn't have a PVP mode, so it's not pay 2 win. You don't get to PVP against overpowered users that spend their money on the latest blueprints and suit upgrades. This game is full co-op. It will make you progress faster, yes, but that doesn't make you win anything. Go play any web broser mmo and you'll see what p2w is.

Calm Down Sunshine4056d ago

As much as everyone disagrees with lonesoul65, he's right.

PixlSheX.. "It will make you progress faster, yes, but that doesn't make you win anything."

You pretty much said "it does but it doesn't."

I've got 55 hours on this game (steam) and you will find that unless you're willing to put some money in you're not going to get anywhere fast.

Even if you're a decent player you'll find yourself struggling to keep up with (not beat) those that have invested money, as they use their improved abilities/weapons to progress quickly. It's also easier for them to tailor their warframes to suit the level, what with having more abilities/weapons available.

The term "pay to win" does apply here, just not in the same way as it would in a PVP game.

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Muffins12234056d ago

Did anyone spot the gravity hammer rip-off?

lucaskeller14056d ago

Did someone say free?

im not complaining...

lucaskeller14056d ago

mirin dem aesthetics brah

One4U4056d ago

i go gym brah , do you even lift ?

Sandmano4056d ago

I really hope this is an on going trend next gen I mean F2P games.

PR_FROM_OHIO4056d ago

This game looks like it will be fun with some friends!!

nnotdead4056d ago

it is, but it can also get repetitive. also, it can be hard to get the drops for the cooler stuff, but its up to u if you want to put the time/money into getting them.

Sandmano4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

I dont get how this was on PC and they actually held a beta I got invited too and now its a PS4 exclusive!!!? O_o

thezeldadoth4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

its a steam game right now, its one of the top 10 played games everyday. Its not exclusive to ps4, i think it might be exclusive as far as consoles go.

I've played a good bit of it and its really fun. the combat is fluid and the visuals are great.

Enemy4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

Console exclusive to PS4 because Microsoft turned them down. There's a bunch of F2P games on PS4 now, so even if you don't have the money to start buying new games right away, you'll have these. It's crazy, and I heard Warframe is good too.

Moncole4056d ago

Its not a PS4 exclusive because its also on PC.

Studio-YaMi4056d ago

Console exclusive,but you're right.

Jdoki4056d ago

Noooooo, please lets not start with the whole Console exclusive vs exclusive comments! :)

If I can play a game on more than one platform it's not exclusive no matter what.

If people are going to argue about console vs PC hardware, then they need to be consistent and include software too.

cyguration4056d ago

PS4 exclusive 'cause MS don't let indies self-publish and this is indie.

Crazy that indie titles look like AAA titles and MS will be missing out on ALL these games (i.e., Primal Carnage, too).

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Shadonic4056d ago

I wish that they added a sort of team multiplayer mode or that thats on there agenda. I keep getting wrecked in the dual mode in my clan on PC. FREAKING RHINO'S!!!!!