GTA V: Xbox One can wait

X360: Rockstar has only gone and blown the bloody doors off…

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Derekvinyard131961d ago

This was a great preview of the demo that has some info I didn't see before, such as

- The water here is in another league to that seen in GTA IV. Waves roll, breaking on the shore, white sea foam webs on its surface and, importantly, it’s translucent, which benefits our ability to explore the hidden world beneath.

- Some boats, like this Zodiac RIB, come equipped for SCUBA.

- Dynamic events appear on your mini-map as they occur.

T21961d ago

Sounds cool , but can I take a hooker out on a boat , and if she accidentally uhh .... Drowns... more importantly can I get my money back

brodychet1961d ago

Make sure there are many sharks... for which the hooker may be saved by. O_O

MoonConquistador1961d ago

Spoiler alert!!!

Does the article even mention the X box One?

I tried getting through it without reading any spoilers, it says there is another page to it but I never clicked. Such a poor headline for the article and didn't even include a spoiler alert.

Derekvinyard131961d ago

Yea it's a demo preview, a very good one to there's new details in it

VersaVulture891961d ago

I clicked thinking that Rockstar said something about the Xbox One... yet it was a clever way for us to click on the article.

Kevlar0091961d ago

Xbox1 can sit in the corner and think about what it's done

DemonSlayer4201961d ago

haha, ya I can't believe M$ they aren't too bright. On topic, if the game shines on 360, it should look even better on PS3 considering the game is being ported to 360 as PS3 is the lead console. Hopefully the framerate is stable throughout.