Extra Credits: Games You Might Not Have Tried 5

The Extra Credits Crew takes a look at some interesting games that flew under most peoples' radars. They’re not necessarily the ultimate, top-tier games of recent memory, but rather some of the most unique titles that didn’t get as much hype as some others. Take a look. You might find something you’ll enjoy…unless you’re just a horrible person.

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knifefight1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

I've been looking around at Indy forums, and it seems like Thomas Was Alone has started a biiiig trend among budding indy devs, trying to give life and feeling to blocks. I guess it's both good and bad. Good for the community to get working with unorthodox formulas, good for gamers who get to enjoy their products; bad because they might be boxing (heh) themselves in trying to imitate too much instead of do their own thing. Hopefully someone discovers more they can do with the formula.

Either way, hey, Thomas Was Alone was pretty cool.

Tokyo Jungle was funny, but didn't really provide long-term fun for me, and became really frustrating with its wonky controls and mechanical inconsistencies. Good for the short term, but not for the long, to me.

acharlez1959d ago

I'll have to check these out.

OcelotRigz1959d ago

Love indie games, the only games where developers have no creative restraints from expectations or pressure from publishers, they pretty much have freedom to do what they want. Its very very important for gaming, its going to be where you'll find the most creativity and innovation.

dbjj120881959d ago

Thomas Was Alone is definitely on my list now.