LingerInShadows - Not just a demo

"News has just hit the internet about a "in-game" demo that is "amazing" running on the PS3. This game seems to be the game that had a BBC reporter blown away.

4Sceners has uploaded an image gallery of screen caps of the video they were shown.

Not much is known yet about LingerInShadows. Hit the jump for a scoop you will ONLY read at Sev1512…

As many of you know Sev1512 has some friends on the inside…

Earlier this month I noticed a dev, on my friends list playing a game that I didn't recognize. This game was LingerInShadows… I know its a game, because it had a PS controller/game icon, next to the title. I asked this dev what the game was, but never got a response.

So you heard it here first. LingerInShadows is not just a technical demo. Its a game, and I am being as bold as to say its the game that had a BBC reporter "speechless""

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chaosatom3334522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

Almost everyone game on the ps3 leaves people speechless. Like uncharted, heavy rain, eight days, getaway, GT, MGS, killzone 2, little big planet, resistance 2, FF13.

Ps3 is just starting to unlock it's potential. Wii is already maxed out unless they can even surpass what Mario and Brawl has done. Xbox is mid-stage like pc gaming but it's long before people see the limitations of xbox because most developers would develop multi-platform rather than exclusive.

Harry1904522d ago

get into trouble unfortunately.i did not disagree however.

those pictures really seem extraordinary.

chaosatom3334522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

First: Wii is not going to do that well with the competition because it's missing the multi-platform boat all-together. I know that it's selling software and hardware, but a mainstream gamer wouldn't be impressed by Wii in future.

Second: I didn't say that xbox is going to die or anything because why would it? It's has a strong base and solid games. However xbox is slowing down compared to what will be happening to ps3 from a year from now. Plus ps3 is going to put much more competition.

Edit: i am sick of developers and reviewers dissing the ps3. The fans are clearly there, but if they aren't willing to give ps3 a second look, then it's their loss. Developers will lose their sales revenue and reviewers will lose people that vist their website.

sonarus4522d ago

lol i disagreed wii was maxed out about the same time game cube was maxed out. Mario kart wii apparently looks a little bit worse than mario kart double dash. Now that is just shameful

NO_PUDding4522d ago

I don't believe it's a game thugh.

Althoguh if it were a game, I really like how surreal it is, that's somethign that hasn't really been exploired in games. Even Psychonauts had a theme.

moses4522d ago

Most of those games aren't even out yet!

TheSadTruth4522d ago

Wii sports is the third best selling video game of ALL TIME. It's sold more than the entire MGS franchise combined (Picked a random series). Wii is hardly maxed out, while hardcore gamers are going to pick it up for games like Super Smash Brothers and then stop buying it, the casual crowd will NEVER stop buying it. You need to give credit where credit is due. Realistically, the Xbox 360 (which is the only console I own) has no where left to go but down. PS3 just has too many killer apps and unless Microsoft has something left up there sleeve (GoW 2 isn't going to cut it.. maybe Peter Jackson's secret Halo Project).. they are fighting an unwinnable battle.

ryuyasho4522d ago

repeats for the 4th Time.

1994 - Sony PSX
2000 - Sony PS2
2004 - Sony PSP

all of them have had slooooooooooooowwwww success...

2006 - Sony PS3, is getting there...

Kami4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

yea wii sports has sold because... oh yeah its packed with the wii!!
bundle resistance to the ps3 until the ps4 comes out or bundle idk kameo to the 360 till the end of time and they are probably going to be the top seller.
because its packed with the wii every wii owner has one, so i font think its selling like crazy because its good/cool or whatever but because its packed with the dammed system.

Utalkin2me4522d ago

Shame almost all those game you mentioned arnt even out yet.

But anywho, Is the game in black n white or did they just do the pictures in black and white (Sarcasm little bit). I have noticed how this seems to be a common theme like metal gear solid, killzone and such the lack of color is just awful.

SL1M DADDY4522d ago

I would take the color schemes found in Killzone and MGS4 over the purples, pinks and blues found in Halo. All I am getting at is it's an opinion and as it would seem, most of the kiddies like the colorful palette over the more real pallet of colors found in some of the PS3 games. And if you don't think the 360 has color schemes like that then you must have missed Gears...

lalilulelo4521d ago (Edited 4521d ago )

yea, because it came with the Wii!!! is it that hard for a game to sell if it came with every Wii sold?

Lifendz4521d ago

This is why I fuxxx with Sony. This is why I buy their consoles. Not because I'm a fanboy but because I want bang for my buck. Not RROD, not more of the same, not paying for online, and not...well you get the idea.

Sony, I never lost faith in your console. I just wish you'd release a console with some games on a set release schedule and not the multiple delays. The game drought on PS3 was rough. So happy those days are over.

subcell4521d ago

Here is the link! /groups/plastic/plastic_lingeri nshadows_partyversion_nosoundfx _h264.avi

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Genki4522d ago

These visuals we're looking at, especially when you look at the animals, are UNPRECEDENTED. Not Crysis, not Afrika, not even Wardevil with their supposed super-sophisticated 1080p 60fps engine looks close to this stuff.

It may be possible, I guess the only people that really know are the folks who are working on the machine, but with that said, why bother get hyped over this without any official word?

mesh14522d ago

its a jokw what fanboys have come to makeing up storys about a tech demo being a game hahahahhaha people need tostop it

Rybnik4522d ago

Wardevil appears close in certain ways.

yesah4521d ago (Edited 4521d ago )

its a jokw what fanboys have come to makeing up storys about a game being a tech demo hahahahhaha people need tostop it

Rybnik4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

I have reason to believe this may be a new IP from team ICO
Guess I might be wrong..plastic!? Is it confirmed that that is the name of the developers...?

Palodios4522d ago

I thought the same thing! The epic feel, and color scheme definitely reminded me of Shadow of the Collosus, and I was really hoping it was an Ico Team game.

Coffin874522d ago

it was also my first thought really.

the game looks SOOOOOOO unique in every single aspect of it, i really really wouldn't be surprised if this is from team ico.

remember, they have two games in store for us!!

ngg123454522d ago

He is tying in imaginary ties probably to make something that appears logical.

Odion4522d ago

ya his it had an icon doesn't mean crap