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PS3 will not enhance PS2 games

Sony's Phil Harrison spills the beans on PS3 backwards compatibility and downloadable back catalogue.

Vib Ribbon on the PS1 has been speaking with Harrison about all things backwards compatibility related. Firstly, the PlayStation 3 will not perform any visual enhancements to PlayStation 2 games - this includes increasing PS2 game resolution. Upscaling games to output at a higher resolution, like what happens to Xbox games on the Xbox 360, could still be a possibility.

"They are as exactly as they were," said Harrison, claiming that Sony preferred the games in their original form.

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Funky Town_TX6422d ago

I can't play madden 01 in 1080p. Who cares about BC. I don't want to see an old PS2 or xbox game. I don't want to see and low res game on my 52" HDTV.

Funky Town_TX6422d ago

they did over promise, and.............under deliver. Back in 05 BC was suppose to have HD res. xbox 360 first console to offer all gaming in HD OUT OF THE BOX. Well atleast Killzone PS3 will be sweet. It will be just like e3 05, I know it will.

THWIP6422d ago

"They are as exactly as they were," said Harrison, claiming that Sony preferred the games in their original form.

So....Sony prefers games that are largely inferior to competitor's versions, with poor framerate, lower polygon counts, and jaggies out-the-ass? Who knew? :|

shysun6422d ago

WTF are you talking about?!So it wont upscale Tenchu for the can't get that game ANYWHERE else!So I ask again,WTF are you talking about?!:(

Deceased6422d ago

Man the PS3 sucks, it isn't all it ws supposed to be. I gues Microsoft beat them at their own game, I have two 360's and yes they are that good.

DJ6422d ago

Did the first one die on you or something? I've never heard of anyone buying two Xboxes or two Playstation consoles at the same time.

blackmagic6422d ago

Network play. Some people have significant others that enjoy networked gaming.

Capt CHAOS6422d ago

lol and I'm getting a second this winter too.. At their price it's worth it.. Just so the kids can play in another room while I play something else or watch the telly..

Nodoze6422d ago (Edited 6422d ago )

Attention Sony. I was going to pickup a PS3 to gain access to the back catalog of great titles. I was looking forward to having those games enhanced by the PS3 (anti aliasing, wireless control and upconversion), since this is not going to happen you have lost a potential customer.

Sony drops the ball....AGAIN.

Sony fans have been bashing MS with their 'limited' backwards compatibility. All I have to say, is at least those titles are enhanced! Halo/Halo 2 with full scene anti aliasing looks fantastic.

"They are as exactly as they were," said Harrison, claiming that Sony preferred the games in their original form.


'We did not want to invest the time or effort to improve upon the user experience with backward compatibility. Our customer wants and needs are secondary to that of almighty Sony. Thus we DICTATE what the experience is and will be.'


PS360WII6422d ago

Granted this news is breaking my balls here. That is bull crap that they won't upscale the graphics of even ps2 games for the dang system. But this is hardly a reason to say that's why you aren't going to get the ps3. It still fully backwards compatible just what you wanted. So you can't really complain, it's just going to not look that sweet on the hd-tv you may have