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Have you ever sat and watched a movie you couldn’t really get into, but you watched it anyway because you were bored? That’s exactly how Fuse is. The game attempts to use the same old “merc gets a heart” formula, which can be an okay idea at times, but without a very strong story behind it the game usually flops.

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abzdine1987d ago

spare me this FUSE thing, all i want is Ted Price stepping on stage on monday and revealing a brand new Ratchet on PS4.

MilkMan1987d ago

That would be sweet. Even a new IP would be cool. FUSE, just aint gonna happen.

Ilovetheps41987d ago

Ted Price said something like they were just getting started with Fuse. Let's hope that isn't the case.

Pintheshadows1987d ago

Ted Price may think that but after the abysmal sales he may have to change his tune if he wants to get another publisher interested in any of their future games. What a massive fall from grace.

showtimefolks1987d ago


Well if that's the case than they will need to find a new publisher. Insomniac owns the IP but I doubt EA will publisher future games.

How about this, go back to Sony and do overstrike with insomniac's original vision

Also a new ratchet and clank will happen since insomniac have a team only doing ratchet and clank games, also when insomniac announced they going 3rd party they said they still had team or teams working on Sony only hardware

So les see. Sony needs to buy insomniac and insomniac needs to understand Sony is good for them.

A new proper ratchet and clank game on ps4 would be epic

Corpser1987d ago

Troll review looking for hits, people vote this site down

Oh wait it's not a ps3 exclusive , never mind

SolidDuck1987d ago

Corpser I can tell u think your clever, but your not. Get funnier or shut the F up. And hey insomniac this is what happens when u sell out.