Square Enix Explains Decision Behind Deus Ex Mobile

MCV: ''Deus Ex: The Fall may not be heading to Xbox One and PS4 expected, but Square Enix says it's all part of a plan to shake up the mobile space.

Speaking to MCV, Square Enix Europe's marketing director Jon Brooke said the new game will show the untapped potential for console-style games on mobile devices.''

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Mr_Nuts2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

But we don't want those games on mobile, we want them on consoles.

If you want to make mobile games then make new IP's and NEVER hype the announcements up again

Have you seen the Deus Ex HR Facebook page when it was announced to be a mobile game. People aren't very happy with it

Minato-Namikaze2668d ago

SquareSoft died along time ago, lol. Sucks but maybe with their decline, Sony can snatch up some IP's when the have to auction them off, eventually (Or maybe since sony is the 3rd largest share holder they can buy the IP's without a auction?).

Muffins12232668d ago

Lame...if there going to make it mobile at-least put it on a vita...the touch controls look horrible on the ipad!

just-joe2668d ago

I can honestly say, I never asked for this.

PANTHER10302668d ago

Square-Enix making stupids movements and later they will blame to the users for their bad financial results. I can guess the Square's games at E3: The infamous-boring FF 13 part 3 and a bunch of mediocre games for tablets.

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The story is too old to be commented.