Why the new Xbox still won't fix TV

Microsoft's new video game console, the Xbox One, made its long-awaited debut last month. The real story here isn't about video games, though. A lot has changed in the seven years since the current Xbox 360 launched. Gaming on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has exploded while traditional console gaming remains relatively stagnant. The challenge for any new video game console is to make it more than just a fancy computer that reads game discs.

So how does the Xbox One try to differentiate itself?


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dedicatedtogamers1987d ago

Yeah, this is something people have glossed over. Xbox One should have found a way to BE the cable box. That would've been a huge advantage.

Also, TV watching is neat, but it's on the decline. People have been cancelling their cable/satellite subs in favor of Netflix, Hulu, and good ol' piracy.

Content is what matters, ultimately, and there's a reason why there's that joke along the lines of "500 channels and nothing to watch".

HyperBear1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I agree. In fact, I think they should have scrapped the HDMI-In port and the whole "hook your cable box to Xbox One" strategy and just went with IPTV apps and creating an IPTV network.

Cause like you said, more and more people are just subscribing to Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go for their TV/movie watching instead of paying between $45-$110/month for just TV cable service. Especially if Microsoft are always looking towards the future, then they should have realized the growth of IPTV services and networks over standard cable providers.

Blachek1987d ago

The amount of people that are searching for these more unorthodox options is minuscule compared to those that jump back and forth between Dish & DirecTV every other year.

HyperBear1987d ago

True, but you can't argue the fact that in the not-so-distant-future, having cable-boxes and separate cable lines will be a thing of the past. All 3 main home services (Phone, Internet and Cable TV) will all be provided to households through 1 Internet/Modem Box from your service provider and everything will use internet and wifi/cellular connections.

Point is, why would Microsoft focus on cable-box integration into Xbox One, instead of focusing on better TV Service/IPTV apps, like they currently do on Xbox 360 (possibly even start their own dedicated Xbox Gaming Channel). And then of course, put the primary focus back to gaming, with all this TV/Entertainment/Aii-in-One stuff secondary.

Clarence1987d ago

In order to get hbo go you have to be a Cable subscriber. HBO is considering HBO Go for non subscribers, but it's not a done deal yet. I don't have any plans of cutting my cable off for Hulu, and Netflix.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141987d ago

But that would require innovation.That isn't Microsofts strong point.Shame there wasn't a small, fledgling company with great ideas just hanging around.MS could of bought them and stamped their logo on.

Ah well.Just gonna have to make do with a cablebox add-on i suppose.

a_bro1987d ago

CableCARD. why wasnt it that way. its easier, and kills the need for a cable box. i think the only draw back is not being able to access Pay Per View and to premium sports passes. like MLB extra innings, NFL sunday ticket, etc...

Blachek1987d ago

"In the end, though, the Xbox One, or any other video game console or streaming box like Roku or Apple TV, won't be able to truly change TV until it can clear a huge obstacle: persuading major cable companies to ditch their set-top boxes and use theirs instead."

From the article listed above.

The issue isn't getting Microsoft to become the box, but to get the cable companies to relinquish their boxes and affix themselves to the XB1.

Mikey322301987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Does anyone find it problematic that MANY MANY Cable boxes do not have an HDMI out port?

And further many people do not have a cable box in the room that they want their xbox in. For example in my room i have cable straight from the wall. i get HD channels OTA through internal TV tuner and regular channels from the wall outlet. so my xbox does nothing for TV then?

T21987d ago

there's obvious xbots trolling with disagrees to every comment here... I haven't seen one good comeback to any of the four posters above me... good comments dayz, abro, blachek, and outkast...
Also I have a harmony remote, does everything with one push, no need to blurt out random commands... not innovative at all xbone... show games with no drm at e3 or just go back to whatever hell you came from.

rainslacker1987d ago

Almost every cable company offers an HD cable box with an HDMI out. Having HD service comes at an extra fee though, and those HD boxes of course have their own fee affixed. Often times that fee is quite costly in the long run. When I had Time Warner it was $8 month for an HD DVR. That was per TV, and then there was the monthly $12 fee for HD service, which wasn't even on all the channels.

Nodoze1987d ago

Um can we let TiVo handle the cable box and focus on gaming again? I really don't think people are buying the xBone as a cable box. I mean who in the world still watches LIVE tv outside of a sports event?

This is NOT next generation thinking.

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ltachiUchiha1987d ago

I mean I can understand if watching tv needed something new but everything about tv that the xbone has to offer u can get better with cable & direct tv. Also the advantage with what cable companies have over xbone is you can get a packaged deal for phone/cable/internet access which u cant get if u just bought a xbone to use as a cable box. If your going to buy it, it should be for games 1st & all the other things are just bonus unless your being charged for it. Thats why i hated the reveal of the xbone because u can tell where microsofts real focus was. If it was about games they would have shown off a few exclusives & talked about tv at some other event but no tv was half of the show. They still have e3 but they still have to debunk its issues before they can win us back & show tons of awesome exclusives.

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Roper3161987d ago

it should be called Xbox Two since you still need your cable box which makes the name of Xbox One a complete lie since it can't be the one & only box you need for your TV.

RiPPn1987d ago

Xbox Several, by the time you factor in your cable box, xbox 360, and external hard drive, you are far from One.

ginsunuva1987d ago

Xbox Juan fix TV! I fix!

rainslacker1987d ago

Back in the day we used to have to smack the side of the TV to fix it. Now we can get a box to do it.

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