Rayman Legends Wii U/PS3 comparison

Take a look at a comparison of Rayman Legends on the Wii U and PlayStation 3.

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porkChop4033d ago

They look pretty similar. Some parts look better on PS3 while others look better on the Wii U. But for the most part they're the same.

Love the Eye of The Tiger cover in the background lol.

GameCents4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Music on Origins is the reason I still keep my copy around. I absolutely love the soundtrack on the water levels.

Triforce0794033d ago

The demo and app on wiiu looks much better than this video i mean lots better this comparison is just not showing the real difference.

cervantes994033d ago

One has trophies and one does not. I prefer trophies so PS3 for me.

kB04032d ago

This in particular is a big disadvantage for the Wii.U...it really decreases replay ability in games IMO. Although a lot of the Wii.U games like Mario really don't even need Trophies to be repayable...they are just really that fun!

Triforce0794031d ago

One has superior graphics and content not to mention it streams on 2 screens ? hmmm

herbs4033d ago

If you truly believe one version looks superior to the other it's because your wearing fanboy googles which happen to be your eyes connected to your fanboy brain so your a fanboy... FANBOY!

herbs4032d ago

Thanks for the disagrees Fantards your petty arguments over a .1% display difference that could be adjusted to look completely identical with your television settings are pathetic and amusing.

HammadTheBeast4032d ago

The main thing that's interesting is that its the same although Nintendo fa-... idealogists have been telling us for months that its much more powerful than current gen consoles.

abzdine4033d ago

PS3 looks definitely more shiny when we put them next to each other, but i wouldnt notice if i only own a Wii U. The game will look good on it anyways

aceitman4032d ago

1st the ps3 is a little brighter and if u think sometimes it looks better on wii u look at the bottom at the last minute of the video it switches sides ps3 went from the left side to the right, and 2 ps3 is a 7 year old console with 256 ram compared to a 7 month 1 gig console the wii u should be way better but it's not.

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ILive4033d ago

It actually looks better on the ps3.

TongkatAli4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Look at the sun when it comes to the PS3 version, PS3 version looks more vibrant and colorful.

ziratul4033d ago

@Tong just adjust Color settings on your TV

Qrphe4033d ago


As far as colors yes and probably because the Wii U is locked to limited range RGB. They pretty much look the same regardless.

Homegamer4033d ago

Yes elaborate they look pretty much the same... Unless I'm missing something

Eyeco4033d ago

who cares ,are we really comparing graphics on a 2D sidescroller ?

Prime_284033d ago


Legends runs at native 1080p 60fps on Wii U.

Legends only runs at native 720p 60fps on PS3/360.

Nice try though. It was cute.

grassyknoll4032d ago

Origins ran at 1080p & 60fps on the PS3/Xbox 360. So pathetic.

HammadTheBeast4032d ago

So.... after all these years a measly higher resolution is all it can pull off?

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TongkatAli4033d ago

Wow! the Ps3 version looks better, just saying, don't get mad.

PopRocks3594033d ago

It really isn't. They look about the same to me. The PS3 colors look a tad brighter, but graphically speaking the quality is pretty much the same.

ChickeyCantor4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

In some textures the PS3 actually look washed out. If you look at the trophies at the end it's easier to spot.

Also isn't the WiiU running at a higher resolution? The glow shader also look much brighter at the end ( the circle around the characters ).

The games don't look that different but there are differences here and there.

To me the WiiU version looks a lot more vibrant. There is a lightsource on the left side of the screen though(PS3). So the comparison kinda falls short. but I can clearly see that textures on the WiiU have more vibrant colors

HammadTheBeast4032d ago

Poprocks, I'm going to agree with you, it looks pretty much the same, the beginning is better on PS3, the middle better on Wii U, and the end is exactly alike.