Rayman Retrospective: The Importance of Change

Rayman has always been an odd-ball in gaming, and not just because he has no limbs. Despite being around for nearly 20 years (with an absence during the dark age known as the Rabbids Era) and having several critically acclaimed games under his belt, Rayman isn’t necessarily a well-known name compared to the likes of Mario, Master Chief, or even characters like Crash and Spyro, whose fame has faltered over the years.

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Williamson2976d ago

After playing through origins I feel like going back and trying the first rayman off of the psn. A really underated franchise IMO.

MWH2976d ago

I loved the original Rayman, everything in that game was beautiful and charming.

redrim2172976d ago

Completely agree! Still remember the day, the room, and the smell of Lilies filling said room the first time playing Rayman; almost twenty years on... Crazy!
Must in some way merit classic status!

deno2976d ago

I might have to pull out my sega saturn and play the first rayman again. It's been a while.