Game Vortex: MLB 08 The Show PS2 Review

Game Vortex writes: "Although sports games haven't been Sony's strong suit in recent years, they have always managed to put on a good show with their MLB series. MLB 08: The Show is no exception and is sure to please any baseball fan.

MLB 08: The Show obviously doesn't compete with the PS3 version, but it does a lot with the system's power. Players look as close to their real-life counterparts as the system allows and even showcase a few new animations. Stadium landmarks like Fenway's Green Monster are also around. Aside from a few clipping issues, it is hard to really pick out any major issues in visual presentation. There are a few crowd issues and the PS2 version doesn't showcase the smaller feature that make the PS3 version such a stand out game, but those are incredibly picky issues that are out of the system's control.

Whereas the visuals lack certain smaller features, it absolutely nails the audio stuff. Fans heckle and cheer along with other recognizable ballpark sounds. Special attention is also given to the on-field sounds like slides, the crack of the bat and player chatter."

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