Gamedaily: Space Ace Review - Borf has never looked better

Gamedaily writes: "1984's Space Ace had a pretty big following, one almost as strong as Don Bluth's previous laser disc arcade release, Dragon's Lair. Now, 24 years later, the game hits the PlayStation 3 on Blu-ray. If you can look past its low replay value, you'll find some bang for your buck.

In the game, you play Ace, a galactic warrior who, along with his hot assistant Kimberly, keeps the galaxy safe. A menacing madman named Commander Borf who blasts everything in sight with his devastating Infanto Ray. He intends to use this weapon on Earth, turning everyone on the planet into babies. Ace is hit by the ray, which temporarily transforms him into a nerdy kid named Dexter. Throughout the game, he switches back and forth between the two characters with the help of an Energizer watch. It's all hokey science fiction stuff, but it holds together."

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