Why You Should Be Hyped for Nintendo's E3

GotGame: It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas, E3. For those of you who are new to the world of gaming, E3 is when every video game publisher, and especially the big three hardware manufacturers, engage in a penis waving competition of epic proportions. What this means for gamers is tons of demos, news, interviews, and information.

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NaAsAr2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........ .........

hab hab hab...err umm......

hyper nintendo what??????

3-4-52795d ago

seriously Nasa?

Nintendo is probably going to have the strongest game line up at E3.

deafdani2795d ago

As a big Nintendo fan here, I can't really agree or disagree with you. We haven't go the slightest idea of what Sony and Microsoft have in store for the gamers at this E3.


NaAsAr2794d ago

I made the comment jokingly but we will see come next week what's exactly being bought to the table.

NaAsAr2794d ago

I was just poking fun. no harm intended

Trunkz Jr2794d ago


Joke failed.

Sony + Microsoft will be all about their new systems with some great launch titles, but Nintendo will be taking the Game section, most especially with everyones eye on the new Super Smash Bros game.

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chadboban2795d ago

Definitely excited for what all 3 companies have to offer. This is the most excited I've been for an E3 in a while.

From Nintendo, I'm hoping to see Monolith's "X", Smash Bros, 3D Mario, Bayonetta 2, Sonic Lost World, Wind Waker HD, Mario Kart, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem and hopefully we'll finally see what Retro has been working on along with a couple of other surprises.

GiggMan2795d ago

I'm curious to see how this "no press conference" format goes for them and if the other companies will follow suite in the future...

3-4-52795d ago

After they show their Nintendo Direct, the internet will be buzzing with info. It spreads quick because there are about 100 sites following it all trying to be the first with the info.

It will take minutes to spread all the info so this format will work perfect actually.

Sono4212795d ago

Um... the internet is always "buzzing" with info about e3 as e3 it still going on.. so I don't know why you mention Nintendo direct doing this as if it's something special.. E3 is arguably the biggest do for gaming of the year

Sanquine902795d ago

Im a Sony fan, but i hope Nintendo kicks the As* of Sony and Microsoft ^^ Wii U deserves it ( No DRM and used games)

WeAreLegion2795d ago

You say that like Sony is going to use DRM and not let us purchase used games...

Are you really a Sony fan?

Sanquine902795d ago

Look at my history i am an fanboy:D but i think they follow the suit of M$

thezeldadoth2795d ago

you can be a sony fan without being a raging sony fanboy. I've enjoyed the ps3, but i don't worship it. As of now there is no direct answer of how DRM will be used on PS4.

--Onilink--2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

well technically they havent really confirmed (at least properly) how thing will be, just how far will devs will be able to go on the DRM route, or if they will do something like that. So far the only one you know is 100% free DRM is the WiiU.

bass4g2795d ago

If microsoft does it so will sony even if they leave it up to the choice of the developers (which would have pretty much exactly the same effect). I don't see why people believe that sony are going to be "the sole defender of used games". They've done stuff like online passes and day one dlc before right?

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mt2795d ago

I agree with you but sony didn't deny or confirm used games ban. and I thought sony already confirm NO DRM ?

weekev152795d ago

They confirmed it was up to the devs/publishers. Which probably means every EA game will be DRMd up to the eyeballs.

OT super excited for E3. What I want from Nintendo is something amazing that I dont know or suspect. Eg whilst Retro revealing Metroid would be amazing, its something a lot of people have long suspected. Would also really love to see GTAV getting announced. The gamepad would be amazing in that game as shown by Lego City which is an awesome game.

Potentially best E3 ever. All of the big 3 are coming in swinging.

WeAreLegion2795d ago

It's a lot cheaper to hold your own press conference, apart from E3. It just worries me that it will cause the downfall of E3 in the future. (Again) If Nintendo gets the same amount of press exposure that Sony and Microsoft get, spending much less money, the other two will follow suit.

Stillnotlola2795d ago

Well the whole point of e3 is that it has consistently been broadcasted on television. This year the honor goes to Spike, who seem to have entered a business deal with Microsoft or something. Only Microsoft and some other 3rd parties are getting coverage. During Sony's press conference, Spike will be rerunning that one Dodgeball movie. Personally, i think Ninty was smart to skip e3 this year. Now the "downfall of e3" might actually happen, but do you really blame Nintendo here? Try Microsoft/Spike.

Trunkz Jr2794d ago

There is no downfall... All they are doing is displaying it online rather then in a giant room, so many of us aren't planning to go so whats the big deal we still get spoon fed the same information, and the people that do go, get to enjoy the booths and actually get to PLAY the games.

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