Game Imports: Dead?

Has the age of the auto-updating game killed the import?

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resistance1003863d ago

I disagree, the age of a Region Free PSP and Ps3, and a strong pound compared to a weak Yen and Dollor have made importing at lot easier and cheaper, therefore i import more games now than i ever did before

Bazookajoe_833863d ago

It cost me 2/3 with shipping and everything =) a game here (sweden) cost about 100$ and i can import from canada for 67$ with shipping =)

darthv723863d ago

I can recall the whole reason to import a game was because it wasnt coming to my country. Lots of great JP games were released but most never came stateside. Not sure if it was an issue with translating the text or just the notion that it wouldnt sell outside its home country.

I have some classic imports that even today, still stand the test of time. Imports have become a past tense fad much like arcades. I miss those days but I can still relive them just by popping in my rare carts from JP into my system of choice.

The new days of imports really are nothing more than people who cant wait to get the game pay through the nose to get it early or cheaper from another region (as stated above). If people would just be patient, the game will come to their territory as is the case today. Only a few games really stay in one market while the overall majority of them are made to be multiregional.

Ahh the good old days of getting the latest EGM or Gamepro only to flip through the ads in the back about game importers like diehard and a few others. Showing off screes of the newest JP only games and listing high prices for importing them stateside.