Amazon discounts Hot Shots Golf PS3 to $49 on Sun. discounted Sony Corp.'s Hot Shots Golf title for the Playstation 3 by 17 percent in the latest promotion for the Blu-ray backed hardware.

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds on Sun. was price cut to $49.99 from a $59.99 MSRP. The latest entry in the franchise was released last week.

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Trick Nolte3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Although I HAD to have this game Day 1, I couldnt even find it ne where til day2 March 19th. Anyways this is one of the most funnest games I have played on PS33. Its ligh hearted, the online Lobby is absolute comedyand the gameplay and GFX are classic Claphanz Solidness. This gane is stealing my life away 8 and 10 hours a day =).
A nice and unique addition to my PS3 collection.

StalkingSilence3863d ago

Glad someone posted this. I'm hoping for a demo this week on the US Playstation Store (didn't like deciphering the JPN demo). But good find!

Kyur4ThePain3863d ago

If you like HSG on the PSP, you'll like this too.

I JUST finished my first online game and it's great. Came second :(
I just wish they had voice chat instead of just text.
But I think this is going to take up a lot of my free time.