Amazon has a Gamecube controller adapter for Wii U

Can’t get enough of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but hate the Wii classic controller? Good news!

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animegamingnerd2016d ago

that fixes our smash brothers problem

Relientk772016d ago

Probably a must have accessory for the Wii U

DarkBlood2016d ago

Arent the online being taken down on the wii? unless this has 4 ports it seems like a cool item to have

bigchad2016d ago

yeah ive had this for a few weeks now its pretty cool. it hooks up to wiimote like the classic controller. hook gc controller up to adapter. easy as that. blops 2 was wierd, monster hunter was cool all the buttons used in game are on the gc controller and L R buttons feel better. virtual console games work good and programing turbo buttons was easy for older games like mega man for rapid fire. i used wavebird wireless too, but using wireless drains the wiimote batteries really fast. since it takes more power sending signals both ways. i have rechargable battery packs and while useing wavebird the wiimote only lasted about two hours. but using regular wired controllers gives normal battery life.

ziggurcat2016d ago

the problem with these unlicensed 3rd party peripherals is that the system could drop support for these devices at the drop of a hat.

3-4-52016d ago

it could also allow Nintendo to see just how much people really want these by looking at 3rd party sales, and then releasing there own official version at some point, possible around Super Smash Brothers U release.

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