Game Vortex: MLB 08: The Show PSP Review

Game Vortex writes: "In past years, the PSP version of Sony's MLB series has been a bit of an afterthought. While it has always been a strong portable baseball game, it never felt completely up to spec when compared to the console versions. This year, things are different; more elements from the console versions have been brought onboard, making MLB 08: The Show one of the series' best portable showings to date.

Last year's game was plagued with framerate issues, all of which have been improved with this year's version. However, there are still a few minor issues - most of which are probably a due to system limitations than anything else. Most of the big things, like player animations and notable stadium landmarks, are around and look great. At the same time, the texture work is really flat and some of the camera angles only help to make these issues stand out a little more than they normally would."

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