Batman is a Jerk

Don't you just love Batman? What about when he acts like an imbecile? I rant about how the story of "Lego Batman 2" kind of ruins the charm to me.

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KingSigy2018d ago

Hahaha. I completely forgot about that. That is hilarious.

GamerSciz2018d ago

Well he went through a traumatic experience losing his mother and father in front of him. I might be a little edgy too you know.

KingSigy2018d ago

I suppose, but I never pegged a Lego game for being so rude. I know the notion of a "kids" game is silly, but the primary audience for Lego is children. You'd think they'd want a better role model.

GamerSciz2017d ago

I'm going to agree and disagree. I will agree with the fact that it is probably overly rude but I will disagree that it being lego makes it geared towards kids. I feel like the Lego series of games is for adults to play a much less serious and just fun game. It's the characters we know and love but they are in lego so we don't care about graphics or even gameplay that much.

That's my opinion at least.

KillrateOmega2018d ago

Yeah, Batman can be a jerk sometimes. Just ask Dick.